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The 2015 Winning Screenplay Is…

What an incredible year for the annual Screenplay Competition! This year brought out some of the fiercest competition yet in NHFF history. It was a challenging task, but we’re so pleased to announce the winning screenplay amongst our top three finalists:

How to Be a Canadian by Kenny Stevenson

How to Be a Canadian is an R rated comedy—think along the lines of Neighbors or Role Models. It’s about a loud mouth, New York comedian who makes a bet that he will move to Canada if a certain candidate wins the Presidency. When that bet goes viral, and that candidate wins—one New Yorker has no choice but to move to Canada. 

Once in his new country, personalities clash and fitting in doesn’t come so easily for this brash comedian. It’s a fish out of water story that turns our feelings about Canada on its head.

For winning this year’s competition, Mr. Stevenson will be awarded a two-week screenwriter’s residency on Star Island. This is a one of a kind writer’s retreat located on one of New Hampshire’s most scenic locations.

Biggest of congratulations to Mr. Stevenson for this achievement. We’d also like to extend a huge thank you to David Dastmalchian for his contribution to this year’s competition, as well as to all of the talented writers who made this year’s competition one of the best yet.

Join us at the Screenplay Competition Meet and Greet to meet our Guests of Honor, Kenny Stevenson and David Dastmalchian—happening at NHFF on Sunday, 2-3pm at Block Six!

Information about getting your weekend passes here: http://bit.ly/1L9x9Se