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Announcing the 2012 Panels and Workshops

Each year the New Hampshire Film Festival offers professional development and educational opportunities for filmmakers, screenwriters and interested film enthusiasts. NHFF prides itself on presenting several topical and entertaining workshops, panel discussions and engaging conversations that range from purely professional for the established filmmaker to all-encompassing for even the freshest of amateurs. An annual staple of our film festival since its inception is the Young Filmmakers Workshop, a comprehensive, multi-day journey through the filmmaking process for 14 – 18 year-olds.  We’re also pleased to announce the rest of our 2012 Panel roster:

Crowdfunding the Independent Film

As the independent film landscape continues to shift, so does the way in which indie projects are being funded. “Crowdfunding” has become the new norm, with filmmakers using social media to ask for contributions to their projects. 10% of the films shown at Sundance in 2012 were crowdfunded, and more filmmakers are turning to technology to “pre-sell” their projects rather than going the traditional investor route. What are the different crowdfunding platforms out there, how do they differ and what are the pros and cons in each (and in using these sites, in general)? This panel, presented by the New Hampshire Film & Television Office, will take a closer look at the crowdfunding scene and feature advice on using crowdfunding as part of your business model. Local filmmakers will be on hand to share their success stories and personal experiences, and attendees are encouraged to take part in the discussion.

Producing High Quality Films on a Low Budget

Everyone dreams of a big budget, but most filmmakers cut their teeth on low budget films. Join us for a discussion about how to make high quality films on a low budget. Topics will include: organizing the production to minimize costs and improve quality, working with low budget SAG contracts, how to save money and where to spend it, legal issues … and other topics to be determined by questions from the audience.

A Dual Look at Adaptations

The word “adaptation” is defined simply as something that is changed or modified to suit new conditions or needs.  When that something is a pre-existing story, and that new condition or need is a movie, you’ve got yourself a screenplay adaptation.  Join a group of producers and writers in a lively conversation as they share their perspectives, experiences and advice in bringing adapted material onto the screen.

The Reality of Marketing and Distribution

Given the economic situation over the last several years and the ever changing technology available to filmmakers and consumers, the motion picture and television industries have been in a state of flux.  Whether you work in the industry or simply sit in the audience, you may have noticed a shift in how projects are being produced and how they are being seen. Join a conversation with a group of executives and producers on the frontlines about the current trends of marketing and distribution and what the future may hold in regard to how films are successfully delivered to audiences.

A Conversation on Comedy

Join a motley crew of performers, writers and directors currently working in the multi-faceted genre of comedy in a spirited conversation about getting funny on screen and on stage. You never know who’s going to join in, so listen for any updates.

A Discussion on Music in Film

PARMA Licensing is pleased to present “A Discussion on Music In Film,” a panel addressing the integral role that music plays in film, and the logistics, legalities, and coordination that comes with the territory. Our panelists of film music professionals will cover everything from the necessary steps that are involved with licensing pre-recorded music for film, to contracting and working with a film composer. Please join us for this fascinating discussion.  Any and all questions are welcome.

Behind the Film Festival Curtain

Film festivals are fun and fascinating, and for filmmakers they are an advantageous opportunity to exhibit their work and network to further their craft and career. As one might imagine, an enormous amount of thought and time goes into each and every year of a festival.  But what is it like behind-the-scenes?  How do festivals decide which films to include?  Join a group of festival directors and programmers as they share their insights and anecdotes, and get a sense of what it’s like to sit in their shoes.


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