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New Hampshire Film Festival Storytelling: In Their Words

The stories told at the New Hampshire Film Festival have the power to transcend generations, continents, and socioeconomic barriers. Here, we have highlighted two filmmakers from last year. We talked to them about the story behind their films wanting to find out more about the journey from first brainstorm to final cut—we wanted it in their words.

You’d be hard-pressed to find another local festival that brings in such incredible storytelling. The messages and their impact experienced throughout the event have left a long-lasting impression on the festival attendees. To find out more about their storytelling and the process behind it, we sat down with some of the key players behind the films. Check out some of last year’s In Their Words interviews with Paul Lazarus and Otis Clay.

Want to experience films like these, meet their directors, and take in the entire New Hampshire Film Festival storytelling experience? You can—tickets are on sale now! We’ll see you in a few short weeks.




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