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NHFF honors James Foley, E-Team

Sunday afternoon, the New Hampshire Film Festival screened E-Team, the documentary by Katy Chevigny and Ross Kauffman that features film shot by New Hampshire native, journalist James Foley during his time in Libya. NHFF was honored to have the friends and family of James Foley in attendance for this afternoon’s screening.

E-Team immerses us in the work of the e-team – the emergency response team for an international human rights group. Anna, Ole, Fred and Peter are trained to deal with crises and as such work on the ground to aid those suffering by acquiring evidence and testimonials. In the film, we witness them smuggle across the Syrian border, to conduct one of their many investigations. Their work exposes human rights abuses across the world that are too often shrouded in secrecy. They give a voice to people across the world, specifically in this film to the people of Kosovo, Libya and Syria. Their work is unpredictable and dangerous but vital.


The film was followed by the presentation of the Sundance award for James’ cinematography on the project. NHFF Programming Director, Nicole Galovski presented the award to John and Diane Foley, James’ parents who were there to accept in his honor. Director Ross Kauffman spoke of meeting James while working on the film and remarked that James had a great energy and was full of life.


John Foley went on to talk about the Foundation that they set up in James’ name. James had three issues that he cared deeply about, education opportunities for all children, freedom of press, and one the foundation hopes to focus most on: support for hostages and hostage families. He commented on the efficiency and professionalism of Hostage UK, and how he hopes to bring those qualities and resources here adding how helpful it is to have someone walking with you that’s been there before.

You can find more information about the Foundation at http://jamesfoleyfund.org.


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