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NHFF Saturday Short Block 5: Comedies, Documentaries, and Dramas

This Saturday morning short block did not disappoint with it’s collection of varied shorts entertaining the audience at 3S Artspace.

The first film shown was The Phantom Menace. This film was directed and written by Charlotte Barrett and Sean Fallon, produced by Bettina Barrow, and stars Lily Rabe, Eric Ladin, Patrick Carroll, Patrick Zeller, Mel Shimkovitz, Rosana DeSoto and Robert Picardo. This comedy film is about a couple who suffer a miscarriage and then tries to carry on as normal and go to Comic-Con dressed as Star Wars characters. The film follows the couple through their tribulations in dealing with the miscarriage. Be sure to check out the film at its second screening on Sunday at 2:00PM at the Moffatt-Ladd House. Additional information on the film can be found here on Facebook.

The Phantom Menace
The Phantom Menace

The second film shown was Commodity Citya short documentary directed by Jessica Kingdon, and produced by Kira Simon-Kennedy, and Daniel Cooper. This short film explores the Yiwu Markets in China, one of the biggest malls in the world. This film explores this miles-long mall through visuals. This visually pleasing film aired twice over the course of the festival.


The next film shown was The Rabbit HuntThis short documentary was directed by Patrick Bresnan, and produced by Ivete Lucas. The Rabbit Hunt follows a family in Florida that hunts for rabbits during a particular season of the year throughout each step of their hunt. Connect with The Rabbit Hunt on Facebook.

The Rabbit Hunt
The Rabbit Hunt

The fourth film shown during this block was The Law of AveragesThis short film was directed and written by Elizabeth Rose, and produced by Julia Thompson and stars Suzzy Roche, Lucy Kaminsky, Christo Graham, Bruno Verdoni, Edna Katz-Silver, Cat Lemieux, Jean Drolet, Bryan Normandin, and Luka Lemay. This film is about a Canadian mother and daughter who deal with the death of the matriarch of their family. The film is a dark comedy, and includes many humorous moments throughout. Connect with The Law of Averages on Facebook.

The Law of Averages

The next film shown during this block was a quirky comedy called Lovewatch. This film was directed and written by Harrison Atkins, produced by Kati Skelton, and stars Tim Platt, Kati Skelton, and Rob Malone. This hilarious film shows each character one at a time stating things about themselves. Be sure to catch this film at its second screening at 3:40PM on Sunday in the Moffatt-Ladd House.


The sixth film shown was Mr. Yellow Sweatshirt This film was directed and produced by Yoni Brook and Pacho Velez. This short film is visually told, and chronicles a man in a yellow sweatshirt trying to get into the subway, but his ticket is not working. To find out whether or not he gets through, be sure to see Mr. Yellow Sweatshirt at 10:30 AM on Sunday at 3S Artspace.

Mr. Yellow Sweatshirt

The final film shown in this block was I Was There Too. This drama was directed and written by Joey Izzo, produced by April Lamb, and stars  DeMorge Brown, Beth Lisick, and Eric Dadourian. This film is about a man who after an incident at his daughters soccer game, pretends that he was in attendance during a shooting in order to get closer to his daughter and ex wife. This film will be screened again at 2:00 PM on Sunday at Moffatt-Ladd House.


By Lauren Richardson