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Short Block 6: Powerful Dramas, Insightful Documentaries and Hilarious Comedies

The last short block of the day on Thursday proved to be a memorable one with a plethora of genres. The audience was captivated from the very start and engrossed within the six widely different films that provoked many different powerful emotions.

Starting the night off was Sunseta film which was directed by Katie Ennis and Gary Jaffe, starring Ryan Trout and Niccolo Walsh. A man is drafted into the military following the events of Peal Harbor but his male lover attempts to convince him to stay. This short highlights important issues revolving around homosexuality in America during World War II as a man has to decide between his duty as an American citizen and between his love who doesn’t want him to depart.


The Dream still is, directed, produced and written by Zachary Zalman Green, starring the Roosevelt High School students and staff and highlights an important political issue during the first month of Donald Trump’s presidency. The students and faculty of the urban high school attempt to cope with the execute orders banning travel from numerous Muslim populated countries outside of the U.S and the order to expand the border wall with Mexico.


Where There Is Trout is directed by David Jackel, produced and written by Becky Holt and stars the Citlali Gomez and Family. In the heart of central Mexico, one family survives off of the land itself. They own their own trout and bullfrog farm but as deforestation begins to become a bigger problem for them, they must stick to what they know best, trout. Catch it again on Sunday, the 15th from 3:40-5:00pm at the Moffatt-Ladd House.

The Privates is directed and written by Dylan Allen, produced by Eddy Vallante and stars Lilli Stein, Rachel Trachtenburg, Omar Maskati and Alex Herrald. This comedy revolves around a small band who struggles against a rather deadly threat. Each time they play music, they start a fire. They must make a decision on whether they want to make music and between potentially risking the lives of themselves and anyone who attends. Catch it again on Saturday, the 14th from 3:40-5:00pm at the Moffatt-Ladd House.


An Allegedly Good Swimmer is directed and written by Harry McCoy, produced by John MacMahon and stars Bob Fernald. This documentary follows the story of Bob Fernald, a Portsmouth native who attempts to become the best long distance swimmer he can possibly be. He strives towards completing the Triple Crown marathon, a feat only 145 swimmers in the world have ever achieved.

I’m In Here is directed and written by Willy Berliner, produced by Julie O’Leary and Chandra C. Silver and stars Dave Hanson, Jim Santangeli, Kathy Searle, Jillian Lebling. This comedy revolves around a man who finds himself having unexpected guests in his house as he is told it was put up for sale and bought even though he had no idea. Throughout the film he struggles to tell them have to leave as they begin to live in his house.


Be sure to catch the additional Short Block showings. If you haven’t gotten your pass yet, get it here or visit The Portsmouth Discover Center tomorrow on your way to a film or event!

By Josh King


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