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Sundowners: An Impromptu Weekend in Mexico


A cast chock full of comedians and musicians marks the nontraditional style of Sundowners, which was shown on Saturday afternoon in The Music Hall Loft.

Starring comedian Phil Hanley as Alex, an awkward aspiring-filmmaker turned wedding videographer, and Born Ruffians lead singer Luke Lalonde as his unlucky-in-love best friend Justin, Sundowners follows the pair as they embark on an impromptu weekend in Mexico.

The hijinks that ensue are as gut-wrenchingly real as they are ridiculous, as Alex and Justin attempt to wring every bit of adventure out of this escape from their own overwhelmingly average lives (all this while keeping up appearances as a videographer and photographer team at a dysfunctional destination wedding).

Sundowners earned an abundance of laughter from the Saturday afternoon audience, not to mention a number of collective grimaces as the protagonists bumbled through the painfully relatable moments of awkwardness and self-deprecation.

The intimate venue provided a perfect viewing space for a tale of friendship, self-examination, and the seemingly universal struggle to navigate adulthood.

By Abigael Sleeper


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