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The New Hampshire Film Festival Announces 2013 Headquarters Location and Screening Venues

Portsmouth, NH | The 2013 New Hampshire Film Festival will celebrate its 13th year in Portsmouth, NH October 17-20.  The event will bring over 100 independent films to the Seacoast, many of them with directors, producers, and cast members in attendance.

One of the most thrilling things about Portsmouth as a film festival location is the ability to have four state-of-the-art screening venues and festival headquarters in unique, and historic landmarks all within walking distance.

Prior to the 2012 festival, the four screening venues and headquarters locations moved around the city, exploring different partnerships and accommodating the growth of the festival, but for 2013, NHFF proudly announces multi-year, long-term partnerships with each venue.

The Discover Portsmouth Center: NHFF Headquarters has found its match in the Discover Portsmouth Center, a non-profit cultural center that combines a multi-level gallery, conference hall, gift shop, and community showcase on the corner of downtown’s main street.

The Music Hall: The festival’s main stage theater is the region’s premiere performing arts center, presenting global talent in music, comedy, film, literature and theater.  This historic venue is an 1878 Victorian theater beautifully restored, featuring modern, elegant and eclectic amenities, the most up-to-date technology, and a seating capacity of 900.

The Music Hall Loft: One block away from the main stage, the Music Hall Loft was completed in 2011, it brings the prestige and technical standards of the main stage to a contemporary and intimate setting.  The theater also allows its gourmet food and cocktails to be taken to each seat.

The Moffatt Ladd House: At the entrance of the downtown district, the Moffatt Ladd House offers festival-goers the most unique screening experience at NHFF, this National Historic Landmark is retrofitted with projection equipment and sits on the property of a prominent Georgian mansion built in the 1760’s.

The Seacoast Repertory Theatre: Along the waterfront, the Seacoast Repertory Theatre hosts the Seacoast’s finest live theatre productions, effortlessly transforming into a cinema house.  Their productions and outreach programs are inclusive and accessible and are created to empower and inspire the imaginations of both audience and artist.

All venues are proximal and conveniently accessed, no one traveling further than a five-minute walk along the winding brick sidewalks even amidst the farthest points.

The New Hampshire Film Festival would like to thank all venues for their immeasurable support, and continued participation in the 2013 festival, and looks forward to an incredible autumn showcase of the best in international and independent cinema.