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Tom Bergeron is Back in NH and is Sharing the Pilot for His New Series The Messenger

Tom Bergeron, co-star of The Messenger and director Ben Shelton answer questions from the audience following the pilot premiere

Tom Bergeron is a household name. We all know and grew up with him as the host of one of our favorite Sunday night programs America’s Funniest Home Videos, and now as the host of Dancing with the Stars. Today, however, New Hampshire was the first to see another side of Tom in the pilot premiere of The Messenger in which he co-stars.

This proposed series follows a man known as The Messenger (Bergeron) whose job is to deliver envelopes that hold life-altering information for their recipients. The magical world built around The Messenger and the show’s other characters is not so different from the world the average Joe lives in. At its core, The Messenger tells the story of a man who doesn’t like his job and has “the grass is greener on the other side” mentality and decides to make a change. Haven’t we all be in this spot before?

The relatable personality of Bergeron’s character, who remains nameless besides “The Messenger” is just one of the few details that drives the plot, which was written by director Ben Shelton. 

Following the premier, Bergeron and Shelton took the stage to answer questions and gain an overall response from the audience. Given that this pilot is yet to be presented to networks such as ABC and Netflix (both are being talked about), it was imperative to hear feedback from members of the show’s future audience. 

The overall response was raving. One audience member said “I’m ready to binge,” which garnered laughter from both Bergeron and Shelton.

Some audience members were wondering if Bergeron was concerned that his history as a host would affect how viewers perceive him in this new role. Bergeron said it is a concern and that when shooting he grew his hair and gained weight for the role. This information only prompted more questions. One audience member asked, “if the show is picked up, how will you manage your presence?”

Bergeron simply responded with the wit he’s so famous for, “I have the perfect hairline for a wig and I can certainly be padded up!”

This role has been an immersive experience for Bergeron, who left AFV to “flex a different muscle,” which he certainly does in this binge-worthy role.

Follow Bergeron and Shelton on Twitter to keep up with news on The Messenger. Although the final word isn’t out yet, for all we know, it could be television’s next hit series.

Catch Bergeron at The Comedy Panel tomorrow evening from 9-10PM at 3S Artspace.

By Samantha Granville


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