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Welcome to the 2013 New Hampshire Film Festival

A filmmaker at the festival once described how he lives for that one moment in the theater when everyone is in their seats, the whispers are hushed, the house lights go down, and just for a second, it is all darkness. Because at that moment, the audience became his, and he could take them wherever he wanted, he could show them any world he wanted, and they could never go back to who they were before he did.

We couldn’t help but think that we at NHFF live for that moment as well. That moment before first light of opening day, when all has been set in motion, and the NHFF audience becomes ours. We spend the whole year piecing together the best in independent cinema from around the world, wrangling festival circuit favorites, and mining undiscovered gems. And we put it all on display to captivate you, to take you places you have never been, to inspire you and expose you to the power of visual storytelling.

We couldn’t do this alone, nor would we want to. Our local advertisers and sponsors increased ten-fold this year, and we couldn’t be more thankful to have such a strong community supporting us, and be part of a city that believes in the importance of the arts.

Our deepest thanks to all who have made this festival possible:

Our sponsors including Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside, Rule Boston Camera, Vital, Access Sports Medicine, KBW Financial, Portsmouth Chevrolet, New Hampshire Public Television, The Provident Bank, The 100 Club, Left Bank Films, Olde Port Properties, Stella Artois, Avery Insurance, Pixel Media, Art Payroll, Cinemagic Theaters, Budha O, and The Port Inn.

Our community partner venues The Music Hall, The Music Hall Loft, Seacoast Repertory Theatre, the Moffatt-Ladd House, and the Discover Portsmouth Center.

The volunteers who donate their time, expertise, and passion. And of course, you, the audience: our existence depends on your demand for it, and we are extremely thankful that you have come back year after year.

The 2013 line-up is more diverse and compelling than all previous line-ups. We know we say that every year, but it is because every year it is true. The technology behind independent filmmaking continues to advance, and talented artists keep perfecting their craft and bringing stories to life in ways never thought possible.

This year’s program repeatedly emphasizes that it’s an exciting time to be alive, that the world is changing now more than ever before. Voices have been given to the voiceless, and oppression is documented and exposed. The human race is overcoming barriers and bridging gaps that unite and intertwine us.

We hope you embrace the real emotions evoked through fiction and that you are mesmerized by the magic found in reality. And lastly, as you take your seats, and the lights go down, we hope you never go back to who you were before this weekend.




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