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When She Runs: Determination and a Will to Succeed

On Friday afternoon, The Loft featured When She Runs, a narrative about a young mother who strives for success as she trains to become a competitive runner.

The film is directed and written by Robert Machoian and Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck and features star  Kirsten Anderson as a screenwriter. The film is produced by Laura Heberton and co-stars Ivan Gehring, Ian Graham and Jonah Graham.

When She Runs portrays a young mother who is training hard both in and out of the gym to become a competitive runner.  She faces many struggles throughout the film, from maintaining her diet, her personal life, and the hard physical intensity of her training regimen.

Kirsten’s balancing of her personal life with her training becomes a central conflict within the film. Her young son Jonah is certainly a large part of her life but she must forsake some of the responsibilities of a mother in order to focus on her running.

Kirsten Anderson provides a strong performance in which she depicts the struggles that both an athlete and a mother must go through in order to achieve her own personal goals.

By Josh King




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