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2001 Accepted Films


Stageghost:  Stephen Furst

Serial Intentions: Brad Jacques

Family Trees:  Ralph Morang

A Question of Trust:  Joseph Siciliano

Nowheresville:  Christian Gompert

Working Stiff:  Greg Joyce

Boy George Micheal Jackson Browne:  Memo Salazar

Boys & Girls; The Game:  Doug Olney



Thanatos Rx:  Maryanne Galvin

Alzira’s Story:  Christian DeRezendes

Powerful as Truth:  John Gfroerer & Lisa Brown

The Angry Heart:  Jay Fedigan

Black Velvet Art:  H. James Gilmore & Neil D. Novello

Voices of Savin Hill:  Chris Burke

Extreme Sledding:  Robin Littlefield

Eastport:  John Gfroerer & Lisa Brown

For Bad or For Worse:  Ryan Elizabeth Cunningham

Appreciate. Understand. Give.:  Jordan Kessler/Jon Agnew/Vriana Bohling/Phil Bruno/Scott Edge

Merrimack: The Town & The River:  Bill Dobe



Taste of Fear:  Michael DeCisero

Sunday Stroll:  Chris Burke

The Coma:  John Herman & Jeremy Westphal

15 for 2:  Drew Caron

Using Lilly:  Dan Eckman

Empty Handed:  Dan Eckman

Naivete:  Vladimir Minuity

The Magic in Movement:  Ben Woodard

Post Apocalyptic Maine:  Jeremiah R. Smith

Scary Movie:  Nick Blanchette

To Be John Woo:  Eric Green

Ordinary World:  David Pereira

Bumpy Roads:  Steve Frost

Breakdown:  John Webb

Lazy Tree:  Doug Olney

Going Postal:  Beverly Allyn Chase

The Sick Sense:  Bill McNally

Are You Alan?:  Clodine Mallinckrodt

Fight For Me:  Nick Blanchette

Flank Security:  Matt Collins

The Panda Incident:  Matt Collins

Dead in America:  Lawrence Klein

Nowhere But Here:  Patrick Johnson & Rick Loverd

Camera Eyes:  Marc Landers

Hard To Boil:  Tony Pohlsen

Anderson:  Jason Doty

I Am Followed Everywhere:  Tom Placke

Mellon:  Nate Conway




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