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Grand Jury Award – Narrative: South Mountain, directed by Hilary Brougher 

Grand Jury Award – Documentary: Kifaru, directed by David Hambridge

Best Narrative Feature: Mickey and the Bear, directed by Annabelle Attanasio

Best Documentary Feature: All I Can Say, directed by Danny Clinch, Taryn Gould, Colleen Hennessy, and Shannon Hoon

Shorts Jury Award – Animation: The Coin, directed by Siqi Song

Shorts Jury Award – Live Action: Fit Model, directed by Myna Joseph

Shorts Jury Award – Documentary: On the Bit, directed by Ashley Brandon

Best Short Drama: Milkshake, directed by Brittany Snow

Best Short Comedy: Engaged, directed by David Scala 

Best Student Film: Above the Influence, directed by Garrett McGale

Audience Choice – Documentary: Fish & Men, directed by Darby Duffin & Adam Jones 

Audience Choice – Narrative: Ham on Rye, directed by Tyler Taormina 

NH Short Film of the Year: North Country directed by Nick Martini

Best NH Feature Narrative: Love in Kilnerry directed by Daniel Keith & Snorri Sturluson

Best NH Feature Documentary: Last Man Fishing directed by JD Schuyler

Best NH Short Narrative: Water Horse directed by Sarah Wisner & Sean Temple

Best NH Short Documentary: The North Woods directed by Adam Bartley

NH Filmmaker of the Year: Michael Barnett director of Changing the Game & Stuck

Best NH Performance: Juston McKinney, Suck It Up directed by Marc Dole

Van McLeod Award: Matt Renner, executive producer of The Cave

Best Screenplay: Pickled Beets written by Shannon Strong


Grand Jury Award – Feature Documentary: América, directed and produced by Erick Stoll and Chase Whiteside.

Grand Jury Award – Feature Narrative: Chained for Life, written and directed by Aaron Schimberg

Best Feature Documentary: Phantom Cowboys, written and directed by Daniel Patrick Carbone

Best Feature Narrative: Maine, written and directed by Matthew Brown

Shorts Jury Award – Animation: The Likes And Dislikes of Marj Bagley, written and directed by Taylor Stanton 

Shorts Jury Award – Live Action: Great Light, Written and Directed by Tony Oswald

Shorts Jury Award – Documentary: David’s Voice, directed by Graham Hill

Best Short Drama: Fran This Summer, written and directed by Mary Evangelista

Best Short Comedy: A Hand, written and directed by Prashanth Kamalakanthan

Best Student Film: Tadpole written and directed by Jovan James

Audience Choice – Narrative: Leave No Trace directed by Debra Granik 

Audience Choice – Documentary: Crossroads directed by Ron Yassen

NH Short Film of the Year: Quiet Hours directed by Paul Szynol

NH Filmmaker of the Year: Amy Jenkins, Instructions on Parting

Best NH Feature Narrative: Squirrel directed by Jordan Wayne Long and Matt Glass

Best NH Feature Documentary: The Kids We Lose directed by Lisa Q. Wolfinger

Best NH Short Narrative: The Hike directed by Ben Silberfarb

Best NH Short Documentary: The Cloud of Unknowing directed by Wesley Cannon and Anthony Farenwald 

Best NH Performance: Emma Wiederspahn, Somewhere In July

The Van McLeod Award: Barry Stillman 

Screenplay Competition Grand Prize: Midnight at the Movies by Jen Gutierrez


Grand Jury Award – Documentary: In the Waves, directed by Jacquelyn Mills

Grand Jury Award – Narrative: Automatic at Sea, directed by Matthew Lessner 

Best Feature Documentary: Flames, directed by Zefrey Throwell & Josephine Decker

Best Feature Narrative: Sollers Point, directed by Matthew Porterfield

Shorts Jury Award – Animation: Negative Space, directed by Ru Kuwahata & Max Porter

Shorts Jury Award – Live Action: Fry Day, directed by Laura Moss

Shorts Jury Award – Documentary: The Rabbit Hunt, directed by Patrick Bresnan

Best Short Drama: Houseplants, directed by Prashanth Kamalakanthan

Best Short Comedy: You and Me and Her and Them, directed by Jon Branden

Best Student Film: Rabbits, directed by Patrick Clement

Audience Choice – Narrative: Dr. Brinks & Dr. Brinks, directed by Josh Crockett

Audience Choice – Documentary: Maineland, directed by Miao Wang

NH Short Film of the Year: Winter’s Watch directed by Brian Bolster

NH Filmmaker of the Year: Michael Venn

Best NH Feature Narrative: And Then I Go directed by Vincent Grashaw

Best NH Feature Documentary: The Mars Generation directed by Michael Barnett)

Best NH Short Narrative: The Privates directed by Dylan Allen

Best NH Short DocumentaryNo. 7 on the List directed by Meagan Frappiea & Bryant Naro

Best NH Performance: Chelsea Hermann, Texture (dir. Mark Billeci, Eric Stern)

The Van McCleod Award: Aaron J. Wiederspahn

Screenplay Competition Grand Prize: Yuba City by Gursimran Sandhu


Grand Jury Prize – Narrative: We’re Still Together directed by Jesse Klein

Grand Jury Prize – Documentary: The Cinema Travellers directed by Shirley Abraham & Amit Madheshiya

Best Feature Documentary: The Legend Of Swee’ Pea directed by Benjamin May

Best Feature Narrative: Chronic directed by Michel Franco

Best Animated Film: The Itching directed by Dianne Bellino

Best Short Documentary: Pickle directed Amy Nicholson

Best Short Comedy: How You Look At It directed by Wendy Seyb

Best Short Drama: Forest Born directed by Josh Peterson

Best Student Film: Walk for Me directed by Elegance Bratton

Audience Choice – Documentary: Weiner directed by Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg

Audience Choice – Narrative: American Fable directed by Anne Hamilton

NH Short Film of the Year: Telling the Story of Slavery directed by Kalim Armstrong

NH Filmmaker of the Year: Food Fight – Inside the Battle for Market Basket directed by Jay Childs

Best NH Feature Narrative: Poor Boy directed by Robert Scott Wildes

Best NH Feature Documentary: God Knows Where I Am directed by Todd Wider & Jedd Wider

Best Short Narrative: Fire directed by Ben Silberfarb 

Best Short Documentary: The Portsmouth Project directed by Catherine Bobalek & Rebecca Weinel

The Best NH Performance: The Golden Age

The Van McLeod Award: The Wife of Van McLeod; Joan Goshgarian, and his daughter, Chelsea McLeod.

Screenplay Competition Grand Prize: Rosalie by Adam Whitaker


Grand Jury Award – Narrative: Chicken directed by Joe Stephenson

Grand Jury Award – Documentary: Frame by Frame directed by Alexandria Bombach and Mo Scarpelli

Best Feature: The Witch directed by Roberts Eggers

Best Documentary: Cartel Land directed by Matthew Heineman

Best Animation: Hands of Flame directed by Steven Markowitz 

Best Short Comedy: In the Clouds directed by Marcelo Mitnik

Best Short Drama: Delia directed by Thomas Scott Stanton

Best Short Documentary: Body Team 12 directed by David Darg

Best Student Film: Basilisk directed by Nikolai Hamel

Audience Choice – Documentary: Harry and Snowman directed by Ron Davis

Audience Choice – Feature: Oliver’s Deal directed by Barney Elliott 

NH Short Film of the Year: Winter Light, directed by Julian Higgins

NH Filmmaker of the Year: Sophia Savage, director of Total Moon 

Best NH Feature Narrative: Manglehorn directed by David Gordon Green and produced by Lisa Muskat 

Best NH Feature Documentary: Brew Hampshire directed by Meagan Frappiea and Bryant Naro 

Best NH Short Narrative: The Smell, directed by Jesse Ruuttila

Best NH Short Documentary: Go Jackson Doll, directed by Ben Severance 

Best NH Performance: Matt Gallagher for Bob and the Trees

The Van McLeod Award: Gordon Clapp 

Screenplay Competition Grand Prize: How to Be a Canadian by Kenny Stevenson


Grand Jury Award – Feature: Two Step, directed by Alex Johnson

Grand Jury Award – Documentary: Becoming Bulletproof, directed by Michael Barnett

Best Feature: Low Down, directed by Jeff Preiss

Best Documentary:  E-TEAM, directed by Katy Chevigny and Ross Kauffman

Best Animation:  Hanging by a Thread, directed by Catya Plate

Best Short Comedy: Time Travel Lover, directed by Bo Mirossenni

Best Short Drama: The Karman Line, directed by Oscar Sharp

Best Short Documentary: Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution, directed by Matthew VanDyke

Best Student Film: Paper Wrap Fire, directed by Raymond Yeung

Audience Choice – Documentary: Take Me To The River, directed by Martin Shore

Audience Choice – Feature: Manhattan Romance, directed by Tom O’Brien

Best NH Feature Narrative: The Frontier, directed by Matt Rabinowitz

NH Short Film of the Year: The Routine directed by Brian Groh and written by Tara Price

NH Short Documentary of the Year: The Granite Stoke, directed by Dylan Ladds and Ryan Scura 

Best NH Documentary:  SlingShot, directed by Paul Lazarus

Best NH Performance:  Rae Dawn Chong, The Celebrant 

New Hampshire Film of the Year: They Came at Night, directed by Andrew Ellis and Alex Mallis, and written by Lindsay Branham.

New Hampshire Filmmaker(s) of the Year: Ryan Scura and Dylan Ladds, The Granite Stoke.

Van Mcleod Award: Paul Lazarus

Screenplay Competition Grand Prize: Heroman by Timucin Leflef


Grand Jury Award: Carlos Puga, All That I Am
Best Feature: Denis Henry Hennely, Goodbye World
Best Documentary: Lucy Walker, The Crash Reel
Best Animation: Eoin Duffy, The Missing Scarf
Best Short Comedy: Michael Neithard, Alive feeling like a buck seventy five
Best Short Drama: Michael Tyburski, Palimpsest
Audience Choice – Documentary: Sean and Andrea Fine, Life According to Sam
Audience Choice – Feature:  Brant Sersen, SANATORIUM
NH Feature of the Year: David Gordon Greene, Prince Avalanche
NH Short Film of the Year: Sophia Savage, Empyrean 
Best NH Documentary: Todd Kwait, Tom Rush: No Regrets
Best NH Performance: Morganna Ekkens for Only Daughter
New Hampshire Film of the Year:  Aaron Wiederspahn, Only Daughter
Van McLeod Award: Lisa Muskat


Grand Jury Award: Austin Chick, Girls Against Boys
Best Feature:  Tom O’Brien, Fairhaven
Best Documentary: Matthew Heineman & Susan Fromke,  Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare
Best Animation: Brian Lye, Callum Paterson and Nathan Gilliss,  Peach Juice
Best Short Comedy:  Todd Sklar, 92′ Skybox Alonzo Mourning Rookie Card
Best Short Drama:   Paul Grellong,  Tracer Gun
Audience Choice – Documentary: Ramona Diaz,   Don’t Stop Believing: Every Man’s Journey
Audience Choice – Feature: Eric Kissack,  Missed Connections
Best Screenplay: Steve Lucas for La Mujer (Thriller)
Best NH Documentary: Michael Venn and Mark Dole, In Danger of Being Discovered
Best NH Performance: Jace McLean for 3 Days of Normal
NH Short Film of the Year: Alfred Thomas Catalfo, Rocketship
Van McLeod Award: Mike O’Malley


Best Feature: Adam Kassen, Puncture 
Best Documentary: Bryan Storkel, Holy Rollers
Best Animation: Ryan Gibeau, Dirty Night Clowns
Best Short Comedy: Jeff Tomsic, I’m Having a Difficult Time Killing my Parents
Best Short Drama: Mel Miskell, Static
Audience Choice – Documentary: Constance Marks, Being Elmo
Audience Choice – Feature: Aimee Lagos, 96 Minutes
Grand Jury Award: Yan Vizinberg, Cargo
Best Screenplay: Kevin O’Malley, Bananafish Sandwich
Best NH Documentary: Marc Dole, In Danger of Being Discovered
Best NH Performance: Ben Robertson, Anywhere But Here (Directed by: Ross Thomas)
NH Short Film of the Year: Robert Scott Wildes, Thule
Van McLeod Award: Chris Stinson


Grand Jury Award: Will Canon, Brotherhood
Best Feature: Tanya Hamilton, Night Catches Us
Audience Choice Narrative: Bob Meyer, Drunkboat
Audience Choice Documentary: Adrian Grenier, Teenage Paparazzo
Best Documentary: Matthew Groff and Ami Horowitz, U.N. Me
Best Short Comedy: Jordan Vogt-Roberts, Successful Alcoholics
Best Short Drama: Dan Hannon, The Pond
Best Screenplay: Tim Steed, “Dance of the Spike” (“Spike Driver Blues”)
MyTV’s New England Film of the Year: Andy Mitton, YellowBrickRoad
Van McLeod Award: Ken Burns


Grand Jury Award: Scott Teems, That Evening Sun
Best Feature: Tim Disney, American Violet
Best Documentary: George Kachadorian, Shooting Beauty
Best Short Drama: Eric D. Howell,  Ana’s Playground
Best Short Comedy: Arran Brownlee and Corran Brownlee, The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of the Suicide Brothers
Best Animation: Sally Pearce, Elephants
Best Student Film: David Jibladze, Beholden
Audience Choice Narrative: Brant Sersen, Splinterheads
Audience Choice Documentary: Aron Gaudet, The Way We Get By
Screenplay Competition: Ed Boyle and Kevin Carey, Peter’s Song
NH Filmmaker of the Year: Chase Bailey, Crooked Lane
Best NH Documentary: Marc Dole, Mito-Kids: Documenting Life
Van McLeod Award: Ernest Thompson


Best Short Comedy: Kate Hudson, Cutlass
Best Short Drama: Colin Cunningham and Madison Graie, Centigrade
Best Animation: John Cernak and Danny Oakley, The Magistical
Best Student: T.J. Volgare, The Abattoir
Best Documentary: Patrick Creadon, I.O.U.S.A.
Grand Jury Award: Vadim Perelman, The Life Before Her Eyes
Best Feature: Giuseppe Tornatore, The Unknown Woman
Best Screenplay: David Bertoni, The Stunning Box
Audience Choice: Vanessa Gould, Between the Folds
New Hampshire Documentary Film Award: Jay B Childs, Communities and Consequences
New Hampshire Film of the Year: Justin Nowell, Sick Sex 
The Van McLeod Award: Chase Bailey


Feature: Aaron J. Wiederspahn, The Sensation of Sight 
Documentary: Luke Wolbach, Row Hard, No Excuses 
Short Drama: Harry Kellerman, The Little Gorilla 
Short Comedy: Jonathan Browning, The Job 
Animation: Alex Weil, One Rat Short 
Student: Robert Scott Wildes, Neptunus Rex 
Screenplay: Voices, Susan Klos
Grand Jury: Dave McLaughlin, On Broadway
New Hampshire Jury: Stephen Croke, The Busker


Feature: Mark Hammond, Johnny Was
Documentary: Randy Olson, Flock of Dodos 
Short Drama: Lance Edmands, Vacationland 
Short Comedy: Will Hartman, Moosecock 
Animation: J. Zachary Pike, The Toll 
Student: Dan Eckman, Checkout 
Screenplay: The Langlais Brothers, Unity
Audience: Christoph Gelfand, Chasing Buckner 
Grand Jury: Ricki Stern, Anne Sundberg, The Trials of Darryl Hunt


Feature: Ken Tipton, Heart of the Beholder
Documentary: Ron Wyman, Tunde
Short Drama: Michael Gillis, The Listeners
Short Comedy: Diego Velasco, Day Shift
Animation: John Cernak, Joyride
Student: Stefan Glidden, S. Katz, VP
Screenplay: Rock Shaink Jr. and Tim Anderson, Winter’s Edge


Feature: Brent Sterling Nemetz, Amazing Floydini 
Documentary: E.S. Wochensky, Shoot the Moon
Short Drama: Keith Bearden, Raftman’s Razor
Short Comedy: Doug Stradley, Thunder Road
Animation: Danny L. Oakley, Flyaway
Student: Ballard C. Boyd, Super 7
Screenplay: Alfred Thomas Catalfo, Mall Cop
Granite State Filmmaker: Scott Hancock, The New Voice of Fenway Park


Feature: Terre Weisman, Developing Sheldon 
Documentary: Jennifer Campbell, Nine 
Short Drama: Chris Ohlson, The Meat Market 
Short Comedy: Larry LaFond, Gaydar 
Animation: John Cernak, Dear, Sweet Emma 
Student: Jerome Schwartz, Cullen Hoback: Chasing Days
Screenplay: Joshua Howes, A House Divided


Feature: Julia Montejo, Jesus Nebot, No Turning Back 
Documentary: Bill Holloway, Go the Distance
Short Drama: Jeff Bemiss, The Book & The Rose 
Short Comedy: Vengeance
Animation: The Last Mouse
Screenplay: Richard Guimond, The River Pirates
Granite State Filmmaker: Bobby Owen


Feature: Gregory Joyce, Working Stiff 
Documentary: Jay Fedigan, The Angry Heart 
Short Drama: Mellon
Short Comedy: Beverly Allyn Chase, Going Postal