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South Mountain

  • Drama,
  • English,
  • 82 Minutes,
  • United States
    South Mountain
    • Director: Hilary Brougher
    • Producers: Kristin Frost, Susan A. Stover
    • Screenwriters: Hilary Brougher
    • Starring: Talia Balsam, Scott Cohen, Andrus Nichols, Michael Oberholtzer, Naian Gonz├ílez Norvind , Midori Francis, Macaulee Rusnak Cassaday, Isis Masoud, Violet Rea, Guthrie Mass

    Lila has built a fragile tranquility in the Catskill mountain home she shares with her husband Edgar and their teen daughters. Soon after the girls leave for summer adventures, Edgar reveals the birth of a child with another woman leaving Lila to a season of explosive loss and reconfiguration. Lila lashes out - exploring the light and dark corners of grief, anger, and desire through her friendship with a younger man. As Lila's world overturns, those who count on her likewise come undone.