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Brew Hampshire

  • Documentary,
  • English,
  • 93 Minutes,
  • United States
    • Director: Bryant Naro and Meagan Frappiea
    • Producers: Bryant Naro and Meagan Frappiea
    • Screenwriters: Bryant Naro and Meagan Frappiea
    • Starring: Carl Soderberg, Mike Frizzelle, Michael Hauptly-Pierce, Butch Heilshorn, JT Thompson, Alex McDonald, Annette Lee, Nicole Carrier, Peter Egelston, Steve Allman, Andy Day, Bill Herlicka, Dan Leonard, Geoff Hewes, Tamsin Hewes, Chris Shea, Chris Naro, Zack Cooper, Bert Bingel, Josh Henry, Nate Sephton, Dave Boyton, Chris Casey, Scott Schaier, Tom Albright, Michael Snyder, Dave Adams, Mark Chagg, Paul Kelly, Erik Olsen, and Sean Jansen

    Brew Hampshire is a film about the craft brew culture in New Hampshire, and how the “Live Free or Die” attitude attracts brewers with an entrepreneurial and artistic spirit. The film follows Able Ebenezer Brewing Company of Merrimack, NH from their garage to opening day and beyond, and also features brewers from twelve other New Hampshire breweries, craft beer bar and beer store owners, distributors, tour guides and enthusiasts to give a fuller picture of the beer scene in New Hampshire.