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2002 Accepted Films


Shakers:  Christopher Pendelton

On the Fringe:  Jeff Palmer

No Turning Back:  Jesus Nebot & Julia Montejo

Magdalen:  David Elio Malocco

My Father’s House:  Larry Holden

The Red Brick Road:  John-Michael Trojan

The Gray Man:  Jeff Hirbour & Bill Askew

Mutual Admiration Society:  Adam M. Reed

A Life in the Day of Ringo Vings:  Erik Scott Latek



Amuse Bouche:  Maryanne Galvin

Chewithetical:  John Herman

A Match Made In Seven:  Ilan Saragosti

Together in Time:  Steve Alves

Lifestyles of the Poor & Unknown:  Nancy Fliesler

Catching Fire:  William McMeekan, Jr.

Go The Distance:  Bill Holloway

In Focus: A Celebration with Photographer Arthur Griffin:  Bill Humphreys & Edmund Penney

The Poor Made By God:  Yu Qian

Undetectable: The New Face of AIDS:  Jay Corcoran

Sandy ‘Spin’ Slade: Beyond Basketball:  Lorre Fritchy



The Boy Who Could Smell the Future:  Kurt Nellis

Something Smells Like Fish:  Peggy Wang

The Last Mouse:  Robert Chang Chin Lin

passe-partout:  Stephanie Maxwell & Allan Schindler

Placebo:  Jim Connell

Staccato Fugue:  Teocarlo Pulgar

Granite Voices:  David Botelho

First Movement Form:  Gary Shore

Fixed:  Brian Hughes

The Playground:  Peter Pizzi

Bobby Owen:  Joshua LeBlanc

The Second Darkening:  Jeremy Kirsch

Kowloon Castaway:  Garth Campbell

The Best Thanksgiving Ever:  Jim Bernfield

26 Lbs.:  Jon Paddol & Ryan Makenna

Vengeance:  Brian Belefant

Stocking Stuffers:  Angel Connell

Making Changes:  Matthew Rose

Back in the Game:  Rick Beausoleil

Legalized in America:  Michael Ball

The Book & The Rose:  Jeff Bemiss

L’Entretien:  Kathleen Mann

Sunday:  Andrew Bloch

Two:  Eva Caspar

Loyalty:  Michael C. Nicholas

Nowhere:  Stacy Pietrafitta

Taste It All:  Richard J. Liukis

Lemonade Stand:  Matt Dionne & Bill Cotte

Liquid:  Jennie Chamberlain

The Cocktail Party:  Dennis Rayfield

Rita, Pigboy & Me:  Eric J. Gordon

21st Century Calvinism:  Jon Paddol & Ryan Makenna

In Time:  Holly Bruns

I Love You:  Robert Christopher Ohlson

The Life of Marianne:  Elizabeth Santos

The Hitman:  Marquise Lee

The Quarry:  Greg Chwerchak

The Exchange:  Alison Laslett

The Shower Singer:  Maureen Troy

Thanksgiving:  Alex R. Johnson

To Be John Woo:  Eric Green

Shoot the Acrobat:  Brett Parker

Quixote:  Marco V. Perez

Le Mime:  Brian Belfant

Passion Fruit:  Jack Skowski

Magic Trick:  Chris Pine

Decisions, Decisions:  Michael C. Nicholas

The Brief Encounter:  Doug Martin



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