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2003 Accepted Films



Irish Eyes:  Daniel McCarthy

Cold Feet:  Brian Asa Evans

Fish Without a Bicycle:  Brian Green

Chasing Days:  Cullen Hoback & Jerome Schwartz

Developing Sheldon:  Terre Weisman

Druid Gladiator Clone:  Matt Farley

Getting Out Of Rhode Island:  Christian de Rezendes

The Vengeance of Cinderella:  Mark Gallant & Nancy Kupfrian



American Peacemakers-March 16, 2003:  Anthony Tenczar

The Artist as Nothing: a portrait of a street painter:  John Herman

Brothers…on Holy Ground:  Mike Lennon & Pete Hamill

Camp Cassadaga:  ChrisAnn Silver & Kim Armstrong

Farang Ba (Crazy White Foreigner):  John Sullivan

4 Days:  Richard Hauck

4 Theaters: Remembering Portsmouth in the Age of Vaudeville:  Robert Pierce

From Russia, My Love:  Tatyana Yablonovskaya

High, Fast and Wonderful:  Maryanne Galvin

Hooked: the Legend of Demetrius “Hook” Mitchell:  Michael Skolnik & William O’Neill

iDread:  Erin Powers

I’ve Never Had Sex:  Michael Avitabile

Nine:  Jennifer Campbell

Stonewalk:  Barry Schneier

Symphony-The sounding of all the voices:  Bernard Faucher

Trailer Park Summer:  Morgan Gold

Welcome:  A. Carracedo



A Small Accident:  Troy De Rego

A Week’s End:  Solon L. Quinn

Almost Phamous:  Dave White

The “Bathroom” Agreement:  Jenny Andrews

Bit My Pretty Red Heart in Two:  David LaRue

Blink:  Damian Griffin

The Child In Me:  Natalie Palomo

Chirps: The Legend:  Julie Drach

Creeps and Coppers:  Joel de Guzman

Crink:  Matthew Kendrick

Dear, Sweet Emma:  John Cernak

Diamonds Are Golden:  Derrik Dean

Disregarding Dick:  Kate Fasulo

The Dream of a Cactus:  Robert Chang Chin Lin

A Family X-Mas:  Warren Eig

Finding Love:  Mary Elizabeth Wiger

Flying With Icarus:  Mike Walsh

Gaydar:  Larry LaFond

The Girl I Used To See Who Stole My Love From Me:  Alan Wong

Gutter Balls:  John Nugent and Matthew Bryan

Hang Time:  Craig Gerber

Head Race:  Jason Blackburn

Her Writings:  Lisa Romagnoli

House and Swallowtail:  Heather Weibel Tullio

Ingredients:  Everett Religioso

Interview with the Serial Killer:  Matt Devino

Kings & Queens:  Solon L Quinn

Last Full Measure:  Cliff Cramp

Leatherwing Bat:  E.J. Barnes

Little Fish:  Heather Weibel Tullio

Lost & Found:  Tonya Atkinson & Stacy Ramsey

Marrow:  Christine Panushka & Marylin Osoff

The Meat Market:  Chris Ohlson

Memo Minutes:  Memo Salazar

Mixers:  Beth McElhenny

Nightshift:  Virginia Orzel

One By Two:  Hardeep Kharbanda & Suruchi Pahwa

Potluck:  David LaRue

Programmable Evolution:  Bernard Org

The Reluctant Dominatrix:  Duane Adler

Shedding Skin:  Jamie Sharps

Sidesitters:  Christopher Watkins

Sinking with the Ship:  Yan Sebastien

Soldaten:  Ryan Lizardi

Son of Man:  Jim Burer

Survival of the Fittest:  Aaron Walsman

T for Terrorist:  Hesham Issawi

UFO Me:  BoHyun Lee

Unearthed:  Christina Spangler

Unspoken:  Elena Rossini

Urban Chimp:  John Allan

Wages of Sin:  Alfred Thomas Catalfo

Walter’s Room:  Neal Ernstrom & Justin Cronin

The Wish List:  Peter Pizzi



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