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2006 Accepted Films


Approaching Union Square: Marc Meyers

Damaged Goods: Todd Densmore

David and Layla: Jay Jonroy

Drunkboat: Bob Meyer

Johnny Was: Mark Hammond

Live Free or Die: Andy Robin, Gregg Kavet

Room 314: Michael Knowles

The Garage: Carl Thibault

You are Alone: Gorman Bechard



American Fair: Rick Widmer

Art in the Face of War: David Baugnon

Before it Drops: Daniel Rosenberg

Christa Mcauliffe Reach for the Stars: Mary Jo Godges, Renee Sotile

Crude Impact: James Woods

Darfur Diaries: Adam Shapiro

Inside the Sensation of Sight: Ron Wyman

Flocks of Dodos: Randy Olson

Rent a Rasta: J Michael Seyfert

Shame of a City: Tigre Hill

Store: Cami Kidder

The Trials of Darryl Hunt: Annie Sundberg, Ricki Stern

Two Square Miles: Barbara Ettinger

Waterbuster: J. Carlos Peinado



After June: Michael Ceville

Alyosha the Pot (NH): Bethany Tarbell, Paul Schick

Belinda’s Swan Song: Alicia Witt

Binta and the Great Idea: Javier Fesser

Bootful of Fish (NH): Mike Gillis

Cake: Jennifer Arzt

Chance: Alden Burgess

Chasing Buckner: Christoph Gelfand

Checkout (NH): Dan Eckman

Coffee Break (NH): Jessica Leigh Fitts

Con Artist (NH):  Nate Larkin-Connolly

Coops Night In: Joe Burke

Cricket Head: Grant Greenberg

Flux: Zachary Spire-Bauer

Greatest Story of All Time: Nicholas Heim

Happy Valentines Day: Mark Ratzlaff

Hombre Kabuki: Leo Age

In the Tradition of family: Todd Davis

Invention: D.R. Tibbets

Invisible Dog: Madeleine Grant

Kuwait: Shane Tilston

Looking for my Brother: Nathaniel McCullagh

Mac and Athar: Colm Bairead

Moosecock: Will Hartman

1918: Jay Burke

Old Dog: Arran Bowyn

Passion to the Max: Felix Allen

Shade: Michelle nash

That Night: Steven Gordon

The Girls of Elizabeth Street: Tad Davis

The Last Harvest: Alastair McGibbon

The Norman Rockwell Code: Alfred Thomas Catalfo

The One: David Laden

The Shovel: Nick Childs

The Sparkle Lite Motel: Cory Kinney

The Time Machine: Ben Joseph

Tulips for Daisy: Michael Dominic

Twilight’s Grace: J.G. Weaver

Vacationland: Lance Edmands

Why Don’t You Dance: James Taylor, Kellen Hertz



The Toll (NH):J. Zachary Pike

Ballad of the Purple Clam: Adam Fisher

Little Blue: Bob Svihovec

Saul Goodan: Jim Connell




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