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2007 Accepted Films


American Fork: Chris Bowman

The Busker: Stephen Croke

Dante’s Inferno: Sean Meredith

Dribbles: Thomas Tosi

Forfeit: Andrew Shea

On Broadway: Dave McLaughlin

The Sensation of Sight: Aaron Wiederspahn

Still Green: Jon Artigo

Who Loves the Sun: Matt Bissonnette



Abandoned in the Artic: Gino Del Guerico

Beyond Belief: Beth Murphy

Daughters of Wisdom: Bari Pearlman

The Downline: Eric Martinins

Front Wards, Back Wards: William Rogers

Including Samuel: Dan Habib

The Jesus Guy: Sean Tracey

A League of Our Own: Ken Browne

Legacy: Austria’s Influence on American Skiing: Culture Films

Note by Note: Ben Niles

Out of Balance: Tom Jackson

Play by Play Men and The Art of The Perfect Call: Ziad Hamzeh

Playing the Part: Mitch McCabe

Rain in a Dry Land: Anne Makepeace

Recycled Life: Leslie Iwerks

The Rich Have Their Own Photographs: Ezra Bookstein

Row Hard No Excuses: Luke Wolbach

Season of Macdowell: Michael Almereyda

Smile Boston Project: David Tames

Soldiers of Conscience: Catherine Ryan, Gary Weimberg

Strictly Background: Jason Connell

Suffer the Children: Trevor Glass

War/Dance: Sean Fine, Andrea Fine

Where’s Herbie: Jenny Mackenzie

Taking Back Odiorne: Aaron Marinel

The Young Americans Project: Matt Heineman

4021 Parkside: Byron Karabatsos

99 Cent Dreams: Jason Rodi



The Frank Anderson: Dave Perkal

The Job: Jonathan Browning

Losing Her: James Killough

My Name is Wallace: Bob Pondillo

Nowhere Fast: Adam Jones

The Only Exercise I Get, is to the Liquor Store and Back: Zak Lee

Sniffer: Bobbie Peers

The Stag Hunt: Alfred Thomas Catalfo



Bruno: Sam Goetz

Days Like Tomorrow: Scott Ballard

Last Day of December: Bogdan George Apetri

Little Gorilla: Harry Kellerman

Neptunus Rex: Robert Scott Wildes

The Miracle: Jeffrey Jon Smith

Moon Cake: Mary Santo

Neil: Goo Moshe

The Wannabe: Althea Wasow



Endurance Challenge: J. Zachary Pike

Everything Will Be Okay: Don Hertzfeldt

The Front Runner: John MacDonnell

Ignorance is Bliss: Sean Christensen

One Rat Short: Alex Weil

Saladin: Aun Hoe Goh



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