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2008 Accepted Films


August: Austin Chick

Chronic Town: Tom Hines

Crazy: Rick Bieber

The Life Before Her Eyes: Vadim Perelman

Lifelines: Rob Margolies

Remarkable Power!: Brandon Beckner

Sons of Liberty: Jace McLean and Joe Leonard

Speed Dating: Tony Hebert

The Tiger’s Tail: John Boorman

Transsiberian: Brad Anderson

The Unknown Woman: Giuseppe Tornatore

Wellness: Jake Mahaffy



Between the Folds: Vanessa Gould

Beyond the Call: Adrian Belic

Bill Spaceman Lee: High and Outside: Peter Vogt

Communities and Consequences: Jay Childs

D.O.P.E.: Brian Stewart and Scott Yamamura

Hell Drivers: America’s Original Crash Test Dummies: Peter Koziell

Hollywood Singing and Dancing: Mark McLaughlin

Invisible: Abbott Thayer and the Art of Camouflage

I.O.U.S.A.: Patrick Creadon

Katrina’s Children: Laura Belsey

Kids + Money: Lauren Greenfield

Kilowatt Ours: Jeff Barrie

A Lion in the House: Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert

Home Away From Home: The Makem and Spain Brothers: Mike Gillis

My Brother Tom: Kaz Gamble

A Nashville State of Mind: John-Martin Vogel and Eric Mainade

One Water: Ali Habashi

Secrecy: Peter Galison and Robb Moss

TMO@The Castle: Neil Novello

Today the Hawk Takes One Chick: Jane Gillooly

An Unlikely Weapon: Susan Morgan Cooper

Who Does She Think She Is?: Pamela Tanner Boll


The Camera: Mark Cornell

Centigrade: Colin Cunningham and Madison Graie

Cute Couple: Courtney Moorehead Balaker

Cutlass: Kate Hudson

Drop Frame: Tom Clark

Elevation: Mike Gillis, Lisa Stathoplos, Lars Trodson and Gregg Trzaskowski

Epicac: Will Tully

Fine: Jonathan Buicl

For a Few Marbles More: Jelmar Hufen

The Ghost of Irving Fine: Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert

Gossip Lady Ghost Hunting: Deb Cram

Gravel: Steven Bognar

In the Cards: Marc Dole and Stephanie Sellars

La Jeune Fille Et Le Meurtrier: Anne Arson

Off-Hour: Daniel Frei

Parachute: Lucas Fleischer and Paul Grellong

Put Him in the Ground: Daniel Vang

The Real World: Versaiiles: Michelle Barbera

Red Sneakers: Michelle Meek

Relapse: Ryan Smith

Road Show: B. Lynch

Rubberheart: Brian Crano

Sick Sex: Justin Nowell

Sizzlean: Scott Keiner

There Will Be Spud: Brandon McQuaid and Bill Cote

Under the Hood: Simon Harling

Voice Mail: Matthew Merkovich

Walkin’ Free: Michael Bernett

Welcome: Kirsten Dunst

Well-Founded Concerns: Timothy Cawley

You Better Watch Out: Steve Callen

The Abattoir: T.J. Volgare

Free Lunch: Rick Curnutt

In the Shadow of Monadnock: Karen Aqua

In Vivid Detail: Dara Bratt

Mag Crew: Andrew McMennamy

Refract: Conor Zorn and Frederick Shanahan

Chicken Cowboy: Stephen Neary

E1Even Roses: Pedram Goshtasbpour

For You: Matthew Doherty

Glarg and Fritz: Joey McIntosh

The Magistical: John Cernak and Danny Oakley

Aden: Michael Basta

With or Without: Dennis Fraser

Cute Things Fall Asleep: Daniel Castrillon

Erased: Chris Thompson

Hometown Heroes: Maree Magliocchetti


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