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2009 Accepted Fims


Adventures of Power: Ari Gold

American Violet: Tim Disney

The Burning Plain: Guillermo Arriaga

Crooked Business: Chris Nyst

Dear Lemon Lima: Suzi Yoonessi

Don McKay (NH): Jake Goldberger

Mystery Team (NH): Dan Eckman

Paper Heart: Nicholas Jasenovec

Serious Moonlight: Cheryl Hines

Splinterheads: Brant Sersen

That Evening Sun: Scott Teems

Empty Nest: Daniel Burman



America Faust: From Condi to Neo-Condi: Sebastian Doggart

Best Worst Movie: Michael Paul Stephenson

Delta Rising: Michael Afendakis

Food Inc: Robert Kenner

I Need that Record: Brendan Toller

Kassim the Dream: Kief Davidson

The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant: Steven Bognar

Left Field: Ben Steger

Lost Son of Havana: Jonathan Hock

Mine: Geralyn Pezanoski

Playground: Libby Spears

Prom Night in Mississippi: Paul Saltzman

Quest for Honor: Mary Anne Smothers Bruni

Shooting Beauty (NH): George Kachadorian

The Third Jihad: Wayne Kopping

Return to Mexico City: Maura Mandt , Joie Walls

The Way We Get By: Aron Gaudet

A Walk to Beautiful (NH): Mary Oliver Smith

Ana’s Playground: Eric D Howell

Beholden: David Jobladze

The Beneficiary: Theodore Melfi

The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of  the Suicide Brothers: Arran Brownlee

Denouement: Peter R. Kirk

Eiko: Christopher Kuschnig

The Lake (HA’AGAM): Boaz Lavie

Home is Where you Find It: Alicides Soares

Janusz: James Rogan

Kung Pow Wow: Diana Whitten, Alicia Arinella

The Last Page: Kevin Acevedo

Lucky (NH): Nathan Hope

The Man with all the Marbles: Hans Montelius

Melting the Snowman: Ora Yashar

No Good Reason (NH): Michael Mierendorf

Once More to the Cabin: Jim Isler, Tom Isler

Open Your Eyes: Susan Cohen

Patient: Daniel Clements



Samantha: Liliana Greenfield-Sanders

True Beauty This Night: Peter Besson

Un Cafe pour L’Amerique: Jossy Mayor

Viko: Larysa Kondracki

Welcome Home the Airman: Ethan Mayer Smith

Witness to Hiroshima: Kathy Sloane

Happy Hunting: Nicole Prowell

Stalling (NH): Kyp Pilalas

Tell-Tale Heart (NH): Robert Eggers

Tweet (NH): Marc Dole

The Waiter (NH): W.C. Rogers

The Way They Were Inside (NH): John Herman

Finding Someplace like America (NH): Ron Wyman

Arbor Day:  Dylan Ladds

Catching On: The day the world turned Gay: Chuck Pistorino

Mito Kids: Documenting Life (NH): Marc Dole

Cinema 93 (NH): Max Cantor

Crooked Lane (NH): Chase Bailey

Drawing from Life (NH): Simon Harling

Ear Whacks (NH): Alfred Thomas

Killing Dinner (NH): Mitchell Ganem

The Closer: Jen Polansky

Breaking Up: Christopher Ivanyi

Don’t Just Stand There (NH): Glenn Gardner

Team Hannah (NH): NH Teams/Media Power Youth

Elephants: Sally Pearce

Fuzzy Inside: Michaela Olsen

Jelly Fishes: Steve Subotnick

The Mouse that Soared: Kyle Bell

Red Revenge: Eunha Choi

Skylight: David Baas

Blast Off!: Michael Scaramozzino

Hey Diddle Diddle: David Heiss



Arts Speaks (Short): Kaleb Lounder, Matt Cheever, Dan Gilbert

The Interview (Short): Christopher Lane

Boy in the Snow (Short): Nick Kaschak

Clay (Short): Alex Pickering

Parasi (Short): Michael Basta






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