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2010 NHFF Accepted Films Announced!

We are extremely happy to announce that more than 80 independent films will be shown during NHFF 2010! Selecting the final films to screen was more difficult than ever this year as the quality and quantity we received was unprecedented. On behalf of the NHFF Screening Committee and the NHFF Board of Directors, we want to thank all of the artists who submitted films. The 2010 lineup includes films created by NH filmmakers as well as national and international filmmakers and winners from film festivals such as Sundance, Berlin and South by Southwest. Among the highlights are “The Extra Man” starring Kevin Kline, Paul Dano, John C. Reilly, and Katie Holmes as well as “Leaves of Grass” starring Ed Norton, Kerry Russell, Richard Dreyfuss, and Susan Sarandon.

The Full List of NHFF 2010 Accepted Films
5th Annual NH Night Program Competition

“Backwater,” Michael Fisher
“Giving Women Credit,” Kai de Mello-Folsom
“Mayflower,” Gary Anderson
“The Bureau,” Marc Dole
“The Cost,” Mike J. Hamill
“Deaf Perception,” Alyssa Dole & Chase Bailey
“Hosed,” Juston McKinney & Marc Dole
“IOKA,” Kyle Glowacki
“Shades of Colour,” Dan Deering
“The Stay at Home Dad,” Adam Jones
“Tuesday Morning,” Mike Gillis
“This is Who We Are,” Stephanie Willis
Finalists NH High School Shorts Film Comp – NH Film & Television Office
“Home vs Homeless,” Jeremy Holbert, Ben Pacocha & Tim Taylor (Pinkerton Academy)
“Beginning’s End,” David Nieman (Brewster Academy)

Documentary Films
Feature Documentaries (60 minutes or longer)
“Agadez: the Music and the Rebellion,” Ron Wyman
“Bound by Haiti,” Jon Bougher & Roman Safiullin
“Climate Refugees,” Michael P. Nash
“The Disappearance of McKinley Nolan,” Henry Cora
“Do It Again,” Geoff Edgers
“Deforce,” Daniel Falconer
“Family Affair,” Chico Colvard
“Highwater Paradise Lost Paradise Found,” Dana Brown
“Just Like Us,” Ahmed Ahmed
“Mundo Alas,” León Gieco, Fernando Molnar & Sebastián Schindel         
“The Oath,” Laura Poitras
“Orgasm, Inc.,” Elizabeth Canner
“Sins of My Father,” Nicolas Entel
“Sons of Perdition,” Tyler Measom & Jennilyn Merten
“Teenage Paparazzo,” Evan Ferrante
“U.N. Me” Matthew Groff & Ami Horowitz
“Waste Land,” Lucy Walker, Karen Harley & João Jardim
“War Don Don,” Rebecca Richman Cohen
“What I Meant to Tell You: An American Poet’s ‘State of the Union,” Ethan Dufault
“Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. the New York Knicks,” Dan Klores

Short Documentaries (Under 60 minutes)
“Adam Blank Gets a Vasectomy,” Adam Blank
“Calling my Children,” David Binder
“Enter the Beard,” Scott Ballard & Matt Lawrence
“The Fence,” Rory Kennedy

Feature Films
“Another Harvest Moon,” Greg Swartz
“Afterschool,” Antonio Campos
“Armless,” Habib Azar
“Black Ocean,” Marion Hänsel
“Brotherhood,” Will Canon
“The Extra Man,” Shari Springer Berman & Robert Pulcini
“Drunkboat,” Bob Meyer
“Hello Lonesome,” Adam Reid
“It’s Not Me I Swear,” Philippe Falardeau
“Leaves of Grass,” Tim Blake Nelson
“Lovers of Hate,” Bryan Poyser
“New Low,” Adam Bowers
“Night Catches Us,” Tanya Hamilton
“One Too Many Mornings,” Michael Mohan
“El Veulco del Cangrejo,” Oscar Ruiz Navia
“YellowBrickRoad,” Andy Mitton

Short Films
“Banana Bread,” Barton Landsman
“Bighorn,” Alfred Thomas Catalfo
“The Camera and Christopher Merk,” Brandon Cronenberg
“Dark Scribbles,” Michael Venn
“Deep Sleep,” Alejandro Alvarez
“Dolores,” Manuela Moreno
“Herbert White,” James Franco
“Kavi,” Gregg Helvey
“Laura,” Gallien Guibert
“The Macabre World of Lavender Williams,” Nick Delgado
“Mary,” Narasimhan Krishnamachari
“Mary Last Seen,” T. Sean Durkin
“My Mom Smokes Weed,” Clay Liford
“Patrol,” John Patton Ford
“Poi Dogs,” Joel Moffett
“The Pond,” Dan Hannon
“Raw Love,” Juan Chappa & Martin Deus
“Scottish Bob,” Darren McFarlane
“Shamasani,” Blackhorse Lowe
“Slap,” Grant Barbeito
“Successful Alcoholics,” Jordan Vogt-Roberts
“Sucker Punch,” Ryan Gould
“Sunday Morning Coming Down,” Zachary Borst
“Wanting Alex,” Chris Akers

Animation & Family
“Kidnap,” Sijia Luo
“Madagascar, a Journey Diary,” Bastien Dubois
“Magic Mark’s Traveling Show,” Mark Carapezza
“Subcutaneous,” Keith Rishkofski, Mike Rishkofski
“The North Star,” Gary Goldberger, John Lechner & Peter Reynolds         
“Wisdom Teeth,” Don Hertzfeldt


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