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Official Film Selections for the 2015 New Hampshire Film Festival

We’re so pleased to announce our film selections for the 15th Annual New Hampshire Film Festival!

The four day festival, which kicks off Thursday, October 15th, will screen over one hundred films at five downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire venues: The Music Hall, The Music Hall Loft, the Moffatt-Ladd House and 3S Artspace.

The festival is made up of two major competitions—the New Hampshire Night competition held on Thursday, October 15th, and the International competition held Friday, October 16th through Sunday, October 18th.

*Films with an asterisk denote an NH connection.

New Hampshire Film Festival International Competition

The International competition has five major categories: Feature Narratives, Feature Documentaries, Short Narratives, Short Documentaries and Animation.

Feature Narratives

Anomalisa, directed by Duke Johnson and Charlie Kaufman

Band of Robbers, directed by Aaron Nee and Adam Nee

*Bob and the Trees, directed by Diego Ongaro

Boy Upside Down, directed by Juha Lehtola

Bridgend, directed by Jeppe Rønde

Chicken, directed by Joe Stephenson

Digging for Fire, directed by Joe Swanberg

Experimenter, directed by Michael Almereyda

I Dream Too Much, directed by Katie Cokinos

*Hotel Transylvania 2, directed by Genndy Tartakovsky

*A Light Beneath Their Feet, directed by Valerie Weiss

*Manglehorn, directed by David Gordon Green

Mississippi Grind, directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck

Oliver’s Deal, directed by Barney Elliott

Out of My Hand, directed by Takeshi Fukunaga

The Preppie Connection, directed by Joseph Castelo

The Second Mother, directed by Anna Muylaert

The Stanford Prison Experiment, directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez

They Look Like People, directed by Perry Blackshear

Touched with Fire, directed by Paul Dalio

Wildlike, directed by Frank Hall Green

*The Witch, directed by Robert Eggers

Feature Documentaries

A Ballerina’s Tale, directed by Nelson George

Best of Enemies, directed by Robert Gordon and Morgan Neville

*Brew Hampshire, directed by Bryant Naro

Cartel Land, directed by Matthew Heineman

Crocodile Gennadiy, directed by Steve Hoover

Dreamcatcher, directed by Kim Longinotto

Frame by Frame, directed by Alexandria Bombach and Mo Scarpelli

Harry & Snowman, directed by Ron Davis

Imber’s Left Hand, directed by Richard Kane

Indian Point, directed by Ivy Meeropol

Jiaolian [Coach], directed by Esteban Arguello

Killing Them Safely, directed by Nick Berardini

Lost Conquest, directed by Mike Scholtz

Omo Child: The River and the Bush, directed by John Rowe

Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, directed by Alex Gibney

Sunshine Superman, directed by Marah Strauch

The Wolfpack, directed by Crystal Moselle

Short Narratives

Arc, directed by Amartei Armar

*Basilisk, directed by Nikolai Hamel

Burned, directed by Jaime Valdueza

*Deliá, directed by Thomas Scott Stanton

The Foreigner, directed by Clancy Chassay

Guest Room, directed by Joshua Tate

*Haunted, directed by Katie Ennis

Hole, directed by Martin Edralin

In Honor Of, directed by Ben Mears

In the Clouds, directed by Marcelo Mitnik

In the Night, directed by Joshua Erkman

Last Base, directed by Aslak Danbolt

Love Comes Later, directed bySonejuhi Sinha

*Nature Rx, Part 1, directed by Justin Bogardus

Open 24 Hours, directed by Henry Chaisson

Pink Grapefruit, directed by Michael Mohan

*Salvation, directed by Jeremy S. Collins

*The Smell, directed by Jesse Ruuttila

Stop, directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green

Sunday, directed by Jake Peterson

*Total Moon, directed by Sophia Savage

Volta, directed by Stella Kyriakopoulos

Short Documentaries

Bad Boy of Bowling, directed by Bryan Storkel

*Blacksun, directed by Jon Bougher

Body Team 12, directed by David Darg

Diver, directed by Caroline Losneck & Christoph Gelfand

*Gaunshahar 2071, directed by Sophia Savage

*Go Jackson Doll, directed by Ben Severance

The House is Innocent, directed by Nicholas Coles

Ron Taylor: Dr. Baseball, directed by Drew Taylor and Matt Taylor

Spearhunter, directed by Luke Poling and Adam Roffman

Unmappable, directed by Diane Hodson and Jasmine Luoma

*What Will Time Think of Me?, directed by Kyle Turgeon


Beach Flags, directed by Sarah Saidan

Brewed Awakening, directed by Brendan Kirschbaum

Hands of Flame, directed by Steven Markowitz

Palm Rot, directed by Ryan Gillis

Perfect Houseguest, directed by Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter

The Present, directed by Jacob Frey

teeth, directed by Tom Brown and Daniel Gray

Two Films About Loneliness, directed by Will Bishop-Stephens and Christopher Eales

New Hampshire Night Competition

The New Hampshire Night competition is made up of all NH Films and the NH Program. The New Hampshire Program consists of films that highlight the year’s uniquely NH productions, and up-and-coming NH filmmakers, producers, actors, and writers.  NH film criteria: subject or story about NH, significant portion of film is filmed in NH, major cast or crew from NH, director/producer/writer from NH; from NH means the person involved has spent over 1 year in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Program

*Almost There, directed by Aidan Payne

*Approval, directed by Andrew Sevigny

*The Bridge, directed by Joi Smith

*Celling Your Soul: No App For Life, directed by Joni Siani

*CI: A TEDD Talkumentary, directed by Martin Sweeney

*Debt U, directed by Casey LaMarca

*Finding Forever, directed by Alex Knuuttunen

*For Those Forgotten, directed by Nancy Vawter

*Frenemy, directed by Skylar Burke

*Growing Local, directed by Bridget Besaw

*I Don’t Want To Rest, directed by Michael Mooney

*I Regret to Inform You, directed by Philip St. Gelais

*The Invitation, directed by Jon Bougher and Tommy Chavannes

*Jef Needs Ice Cream, directed by Dave Conte

*John, directed by Russell Creak

*La Noche Buena, directed by Alex Mallis

*Lambing Season, directed by Jeannie Donohoe

*Marsha Hunt’s Sweet Adversity, directed by Roger C Memos

*Moonlight Drawbridge – Don Gorvett, directed by Steven Galante

*The Morning of Everything, directed by Jeff Stern

*The Power of Place, directed by Jerry Monkman

*Run, directed by Maxwell Auger

*Signing, directed by Gina Catalfo Nelson

*The Soul of That Place, directed by Sophia Savage

*Winter Light, directed by Julian Higgins

*Wolf Man, directed by Peter Dubois, Patrick Mulhern, Jake Aldrich and Conrad Dundorf

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