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New Hampshire Film Festival Announces the 2022 Screenplay Competition Finalists

2022 was another great year for the New Hampshire Film Festival’s Screenplay Competition, which continues to grow in both quantity and quality each year. The submissions featured some especially competitive material this year, making the process difficult for the screenplay committee. Star Island will once again host the winner of the 2022 NHFF Best Screenplay Award for a one-week residency at the Star Island Family Retreat and Conference Center. The prize package includes room, board, lobster dinner, and more – for two guests.

The festival wishes to congratulate and acknowledge the three finalist scripts that will move on in the competition:

    Written by Peter Richard Christensen
    A remote and squalid town in a state of constant fear and isolation serves as the home to many sorts, some with the potential to make true change, and others who’ve fallen victim to their environment. A destitute and debt-ridden sailor driven by pure ego to start his own fishing business is quickly thrust into action after his boat is set ablaze in the middle of the night, by whom we do not know. Forced to settle his debt and create a new future from scratch, he and a child named Ricky, also pressed by the same issue, sign a week-long contract to collect product out at sea, with only the clothes on their backs, and the resolve to see it through. All of this goes according to plan, for those in the shadows who want it to.
    Written by Danny Latrena & Eric Hanson
    A young Steven Spielberg, charged with a major blockbuster, attempts to salvage both the film and his sanity as the production spirals into chaos.
    Written by Stephen Delos Treacy
    Winter Bird hinges on a subconscious connection between two Alaskans. One a former physician, now Rare Book Room Librarian, who helped his beloved wife commit suicide a few years ago. The other, a subarctic entity, who was brutally murdered while pregnant 100 years before. The librarian becomes intrigued by the amber-eyed blonde who is hell-bent on obtaining a rare set of herb books to heal her foundling infant. Based on indigenous legend, this mythical shape-shifter still haunts the desolate woods near Anchorage, sometimes as a snowy owl, in an effort to share the full horror of her origin. Seemingly interested in the librarian, she vanishes abruptly.

The winning script is expected to be announced by September 30th.  The winning writer(s) will receive an invitation to attend the 20th Anniversary New Hampshire Film Festival, taking place October 6th – 9th, as a special guest to receive the 2022 NHFF Best Screenplay Award in-person and enjoy the festivities.  The award ceremony will take place on Sunday, October 9th at 7 PM on-stage inside The Music Hall Historic Theatre in downtown Portsmouth, NH.