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5 Films NHFF is Watching Right Now

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In these dark and stressful times, It’s good to remember that there’s always a movie around for you.

Here at NHFF our staff is going to be highlighting alumni films available across various streaming services every week for you. In these uncertain times we want to provide you with something comforting to watch while at home.

Please enjoy this list of five feel-good films handpicked by all of us here at New Hampshire Film Festival!

“Life, Animated” a documentary from director Roger Ross Williams, which is available for free on Hulu. From our 2016 festival line up, this documentary revolves around the use of animated DIsney films to help a young autistic man develop reading, writing and communication skills. A documentary that’s an incredibly intimate tale of triumphs and setbacks, providing a real look into one family’s heartwarming journey.

“Science Fair” directed by Cristina Costantini and Darren Foster is available for free on Disney +. Shown at our 2018 festival, “Science Fair” follows nine high school students from around the globe as they compete at an international science fair. An exploration of real-life academic competition that proves to be effectively entertaining and incredibly uplifting. 

“Love, Gilda” directed in 2018 by Lisa Dapolito, offering insight into the life and career of “Saturday Night Live” star Gilda Ratner through diaries, audiotapes, videotapes, and testimonies from friends and colleagues. Shown in our 2018 lineup of feature length documentaries, “Love, Gilda” is an affectionate and touching portrait of a beloved comedian. “Love, Gilda” can be found online for free on Hulu.

“Shoplifters”, the first feature narrative film in our feel-good streaming lineup is Hirokazu Kore-eda’s, available for free on Hulu. This stunning and heartfelt film appeared in our 2018 roster of narrative feature films, standing out as one of the most beautiful family portraits made that year. 

“Leave No Trace” our second feature alumni film to be featured is directed by Debra Granik which can be found for free on Amazon and Kanopy. “Leave No Trace” follows a father and daughter who live a reclusive life in a nature reserve near Portland, Oregon. After being discovered, they must take on an erratic journey to find a place to call their own. Winning our Audience Choice award in 2018 for good reason, this film tells a powerful and poignant story about finding the right path forward in life. 

We here at the New Hampshire Film Festival are glad to provide you all with a little bit of relief and feel-good heartwarming films to enjoy and escape for just a little while. Also, if you’re not subscribed to the streaming services these films are available on they are all available for rent on both Amazon and iTunes. 

Wishing you all the best, 

The New Hampshire Film Festival Team 



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