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A Cure for Fear ( Series): One Pill to Wipe it All Away

On Sunday afternoon at the Moffat-Ladd house, the New Hampshire Film festival presented A Cure for Feara series about Neuroscientist Dr. Merel Kindt who has found a cure for phobias with just using common medication.

Directed by Lana Wilson and produced by Shrihari Sathe, this four part series follows Dr. Merel Kindt and her patients as it shows different phobias and how they seem to be mostly nonexistent or completely gone after taking a single pill. Dr. Kindt’s patients have a range of different phobias, from spiders to cats to one man who suffers from PTSD.

Kindt briefly exposes her patients to their phobia for an intense few minutes before giving them propranolol, a drug commonly used for anxiety. She meets with them the next day and the results are shocking. This pill works wonders for many of her patients and all though slightly unethical and controversial, her patients see results as soon as twenty four hours and are more happier than before they met her.

A Cure for Fear shows just how devastating and crippling these phobias and ailments can become for people and offers a very visceral experience to the viewer as a whole.


By Josh King