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A Cure for Fear (Series)

  • Documentary,
  • English,
  • 59 Minutes,
  • United States/Netherlands
    • Director: Lana Wilson
    • Producers: Shrihari Sathe, Lana Wilson

    Neuroscientist Dr. Merel Kindt has discovered a cure for phobias using common medication. It's a brief but intense exposure to the patient's fear, followed by taking a single pill. 24 hours later, the fear is gone. From animal phobias to PTSD, the potential impact is both profound and dazzlingly complex. A CURE FOR FEAR goes inside Dr. Kindt's radical treatments as she explores the ethically treacherous grounds of curing our most human ailment.

    Episode 1 - "A Little Closer" - 14 min
    Episode 2 - "Nighttime in Kabul" - 14 min
    Episode 3 - "You Did Your Very Best" - 14 min
    Episode 4 - "Self-Treatment" - 14 min