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All Creatures Here Below is a Poignantly Beautiful Instant Classic

All Creatures Here Below
All Creatures Here Below

Audiences at the New Hampshire Film Festival were treated to one of the most poignantly beautiful movies of 2018 in director Collin Schiffli’s All Creatures Here Below. The film was shown Saturday afternoon at the Music Hall and its conclusion left viewers stunned.  

Produced by Amy Greene, Chris Stinson and, Nacho Arenas, the film follows an impoverished young couple, Jansen and Ruby, struggling to survive in the harsh city of Los Angeles until an unforeseeable chain of events unfolds that leads to a series of impulsive crimes being committed. In desperation, Jansen and Ruby go on the run in search of salvation but find that the truth will catch up to you, no matter your plan to evade it. Drawing inspiration from the works of filmmaker Terence Malick and author John Steinbeck, All Creatures Here Below is a stunning encapsulation of how we are willing to face anything at any cost for the people that we love.

Heartfelt performances by David Dastmalchian, who also wrote the film, and Karen Gillan are nothing short of breath taking for their portrayal of emotionally scarred youths who do everything for each other, as that is all that they know. The onscreen chemistry between Dastmalchian and Gillan is elevated through the incredible cinematography by Schiffli who captures the natural beauty surrounding the young couple as they make their way across country and the inner turmoil that pervades their actions. With an excellent supporting cast and touching score that ties it all together All Creatures Here Below as a work of dramatic cinema is an instant classic you do not want to miss, worthy of comparison to even the great works it draws inspiration from.


By Ken Severance-Camo


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