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Automatic at Sea: A Strange and Surreal Vacation

Automatic at Sea
Automatic at Sea

The Music Hall Loft presented Automatic at Sea, the winner of the NHFF Narrative Grand Jury Award, Saturday afternoon, which is a film where time seems to pass differently on vacation.

Automatic at Sea takes the concept of time to the next level with its twists reality, and our perception of both. The perplexing film stars Breeda Wool, David Henry Gerson, Livia Hiselius, Evan Louison and Maria Scharf.

Eve, played by Hiselius in her first starring role, travels to the United States to visit the vacation home of Peter, an American she has just met. Her inaugural trip to the United States takes her to an idyllic island off the New England coast and proves to be unlike her homeland of Sweden and just about anywhere else on Earth.

Eve starts to become frightened of Peter, played by David Henry Gerson, as his behavior and actions become increasingly erratic and bizarre. Time itself begins to shift and change as she loses touch with what is real on the island.

Directed and written by Matthew Lessner and produced by Vanessa Gazy and Beatrice von Schwerin, Automatic at Sea, will leave you questioning both Eve’s journey and what you think you know about it.

By Ben Bradbury-Koster