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Blowin’ Up: Flecks of Compassion

On Friday afternoon of the New Hampshire Film Festival, the Music Hall Loft offered a viewing of Blowin’ Up, an up-close documentary following the lives of several young women working towards leaving The Life. 

Stephanie Wang-Breal, producer and screenwriter, invites the audience into a life of rawness, while offering an introspective look into the roles society plays in human sex trafficking. Throughout the journey of the individuals, the audience gradually discovers newfound understanding of the underlying factors at play.

The multi-layered facets of a topic that is overly-stigmatized and misunderstood unravels in such a way as to draw the viewer out of the enclosed spaces of our inner worlds and into the universe of Trafficking Intervention Court, Queens. The question remains: Are those who are victims free in a country founded on freedom?

For further info, check out their Facebook page.


By Shane Morin



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