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On the Campaign Trail with NHFF — Politics and Filmmaking Panel

If you proudly tout the phrase, First in the Nation, join the New Hampshire Film Festival’s Politics and Filmmaking Panel. First in the Nation, of course, referring to the Granite State as the first presidential primary, which perhaps places New Hampshire as the most politically relevant state in the union.

New Hampshire voters are well accustomed to the affable manners of politicians as they create their national identities in our state. This in turn provides an excellent opportunity for journalists and filmmakers to get to see politics on the personal level and document their interactions in the political theatre.

Join the panelists on Friday, October 14th from 12-1:00pm at the Discover Portsmouth Center to hear their experiences with the myriad of campaigns and prospective candidates as they formed their policies, personalities, and strategies right here in New Hampshire. The panelists are Kevin Bowe, Darren Garnick, and Rod Webber — along with moderator Matthew Newton.

Each panelist brings a unique viewpoint of the political realm in New Hampshire. Kevin Bowe, the director of the upcoming film Democracy through the Looking Glass, provides viewers insight on the mainstream media’s coverage and influence on the 2016 election. Darren Garnick has experience covering presidential elections since 1996 along with his film Why Can’t I Be President?, which showcases the wide assortment of candidates in the New Hampshire primary. Additionally, filmmaker Rod Webber shares a unique story through his film Dangerous Flowers, in which he attempts to give every candidate a flower as a gesture of peace. Complimenting this year’s panel is moderator Matthew Newton, who is the Director of the New Hampshire Film and Television Office.

With less than a month to go in this year’s presidential election, come join the Politics and Filmmaking Panel as they share their experiences and strategies for getting access to the campaigns, as well as their stories from the political front lines.

See you there!
Friday, October 14th, 2016 | 12-1:00pm | Discover Portsmouth Center


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