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Comedy Panel featuring Bergeron, Higgins & More Fills The House

One of the most anticipated events of the weekend did not disappoint. Saturday morning’s comedy panel, which featured the talented Greg Kretschmar, Tom Bergeron, John Michael Higgins, Jimmy Dunn, and Juston McKinney had the entire audience bursting out with laughter—even those who had to stand outside due to the session’s attendance.

Many topics were covered, from Higgins’ start as a trained mime, how the internet has changed comedy, how each one has honed their craft, and many more.

As Higgins (and others) pointed out, a quarter of a second difference in delivery timing can—and will—change everything. Every single aspect—from how far out someone’s outstretched hand is, the length of an eyebrow being raised, to the moment one grabs their water from the stool—is calculated and adjusted based on the crowds reactions.

Another topic that was discussed at length was the effect of YouTube on comedy. If a comedian’s bit goes viral on the internet, he/she can’t necessary continue to use the same jokes in fear of being broadcasted as someone who reuses their material.

It’s not like a Rolling Stones song, Dunn pointed out. You go to a concert and expect to hear certain songs. When you do, life is good. Unlike a comedic act, if you hear the same jokes, you’ll be left disappointed.

Where else can you round up five friends to chat, laugh, and discuss countless issues surrounding their industry? The New Hampshire Film Festival is honored to be able to host such an amazing session.

Everyone at the New Hampshire Film Festival would like to thank our entire panel of comedians, as well as everyone who came out to enjoy the talk!