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Actual People

  • Drama,
  • English,
  • 84 Minutes,
  • United States
  • Friday, October 7


    The Rep Theatre

  • Saturday, October 8


    3S Artspace

  • Director: Kit Zauhar
  • Producers: Andrew Nadkarni, Jason Wang
  • Screenwriters: Kit Zauhar
  • Starring: Kit Zauhar, Scott Albrecht, Audrey Kang, Vivian Zauhar, Henry Fulton Winship, Isabelle Barbier, Fraser Jones

A bare-boned independent drama with brief but meaningful touches of gentle comedy, ACTUAL PEOPLE is a poignant triumph, a simple but effective voyage into the mind of a young woman trying to find herself in a world that has somehow become hostile to those who refuse to find a place within its preconceived standards. As a debut, and a film in general, Zauhar’s work here represents an auspicious start to a very promising career for someone who is likely to become an essential voice in contemporary cinema, if this film is anything to go by.