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  • Drama/Thriller,
  • English,
  • 104 Minutes,
  • Denmark/United Kingdom
    • Director: Jeppe Rønde
    • Producers: Michel Schønnemann, Malene Blenkov
    • Screenwriters: Jeppe Rønde, Torben Bech, Peter Asmussen
    • Starring: Hannah Murray, Steven Waddington, Josh O’Connor, Adrian Rawlins, Patricia Potter, Nia Roberts, Aled Thomas

    Sara and her dad Dave move to a small village, which is haunted by suicides among its young inhabitants. Sara falls dangerously in love with one of the teenagers, Jamie, while Dave, as the town’s new police officer, tries to stop the mysterious chain of suicides. The film is inspired by true events – between December 2007 and January 2012 seventy-nine suicides were officially committed in Bridgend County, a small former coal-mining province in Wales.