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Hope on the Horizon (NH)

  • Documentary,
  • English,
  • 27 Minutes,
  • United States
    • Director: Donna York

    The 48 highest peaks in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, also known as the “4000 footers” cover over 250 miles of various terrain and over 70,000 feet of elevation. Four hikers, including the filmmaker, set out to summit all 48 in a single trip on foot, two completed the journey and reached the 48th summit in 24 days to raise awareness and funding for ALS patients and their families. HARK’s Hope on the Horizon Documentary is the first step in “Changing the way the world views ALS” and ensuring that the world knows what the disease is and how devastating it is to families that are affected by it. Hope on the Horizon is not just about ALS, it’s about facing life’s challenges with courage and overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds every day.