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Only Daughter (NH)

  • Drama,
  • English,
  • 97 Minutes,
  • United States
    • Director: Aaron Wiederspahn
    • Producers: Aaron Wiederspahn, Laina Barakat, Sarah Steinberg Heller and Karlina Lyons
    • Screenwriters: Aaron Wiederspahn
    • Starring: Emily Seymour, Aaron Wiederspahn, Dakota Benedetto, Seth Chatfield, and Morganna Ekkens

    Raised in poverty by a single mother in rural New Hampshire, 18-year-old Dawn Cowley has never known her father, a source of animosity between her and her mother. Fighting to find any kind of self-worth beyond the “white trash” she's been labeled her whole life, Dawn spends her days working at a bait shack along the Connecticut River and her nights turning tricks for money to escape the life she's longed to leave behind. After an argument erupts between her and her mother's boyfriend, Dawn discovers a clue to finding her father. She sets out in search of him with an unflinching disregard for potential danger and ultimately discovers the devastating secret known by all except herself.