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  • Documentary,
  • Arabic/English,
  • Subtitled,
  • 93 Minutes,
  • Lebanon/United States
  • Friday, October 13


    The Press Room

  • Saturday, October 14


    The Music Hall Lounge

  • Director: Jude Chehab
  • Producers: Jude Chehab

Where do we draw the line between love and devotion? An intimate and haunting portrayal of a quest for love and acceptance at any cost, Q depicts the insidious influence of a secretive matriarchal religious order in Lebanon on three generations of women in the Chehab family. First-time filmmaker Jude Chehab potently documents the unspoken ties and consequences of loyalty that have bonded her mother, grandmother, and herself to the mysterious organization. A masterful portrait of the toll that decades of unrequited love, lost hope, abuse, and despair takes on a person, Q is a multigenerational tale of the eternal search for meaning.