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Somewhere Quiet

  • Horror,
  • English,
  • 102 Minutes,
  • United States
  • Friday, October 13


    The Music Hall Lounge

  • Saturday, October 14


    3S Artspace

  • Director: Olivia West Lloyd
  • Producers: Emma Hannaway, Taylor Ava Shung, Eamon Downey
  • Screenwriters: Olivia West Lloyd
  • Starring: Jennifer Kim, Kentucker Audlrey, Marin Ireland, Micheal Neeson

After escaping a brutal kidnapping, Meg travels with her husband, Scott, to his family’s isolated compound in Cape Cod. When they arrive, they discover Scott’s odd, aristocratic cousin, Madelin, is staying next door. Soon, Madelin’s presence is inescapable, and Meg and Scott’s relationship begins to fracture. Meanwhile, Meg is haunted by vivid nightmares and a growing suspicion that Scott is hiding something.