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The Computer Accent

  • Documentary,
  • English,
  • 83 Minutes,
  • United States
  • Saturday, October 8


    3S Artspace

The Computer Accent
  • Director: Sebastian Pardo, Riel Roch Decter
  • Producers: Sebastian Pardo, Riel Roch Decter
  • Starring: YACHT

Most bands and musicians have a distinct sound. Can an Artificial Intelligence understand—and imitate—that sound? That’s what American post-pop group YACHT sets out to discover out in this entertaining and thought-provoking exploration of the intersection of art, technology and human intuition. YACHT invites a computer to analyze their back catalogue and assist in the composition of their seventh album. In the studio, melodies, rhythms, and even lyrics are generated by an AI system—but arranged, performed, and recorded by the increasingly frustrated band, whose romantic notions of artistic authenticity are put to the test.