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The Elephants and the Grass

  • Documentary,
  • English,
  • Subtitled,
  • 110 Minutes,
  • United States/Uganda/Rwanda/Sudan
    The Elephants and the Grass
    • Director: Brandon Gulish, Beau Rosario
    • Producers: Brandon Gulish, Beau Rosario, Clint Rosario, Nico Giampietro, Andrew Bilindabagabo, Carley Bilindabagabo
    • Screenwriters: Brandon Gulish, Beau Rosario
    • Starring: Shamira Muhammad, Yasmin Ramadan, Jacqueline (Bella) Mukamuhigirwa, Olive Uwimpuhwe, Simon Peter Koang, Archbishop Elias Taban Bishop, John Prendergast, Peter Biar Ajak

    With only each other to depend on, 14-year-old Shamira and her mother flee tribal genocide. While they fight to escape South Sudan’s violent civil war, experts and defectors challenge those in power. Global pressure mounts as these profiteers of war claim to seek peace. With unprecedented access, the film examines how politicians weaponize people's trauma to pillage nations. Considered the most corrupt place on earth, can the world’s newest country overcome these issues and finally find peace?