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The Old Young Crow

  • Animation/Drama,
  • Farsi/Japanese,
  • Subtitled,
  • 12 Minutes,
  • Japan/United States
  • Friday, October 13


    3S Artspace

  • Sunday, October 15


    3S Artspace

The Old Young Crow
  • Director: Liam LoPinto
  • Producers: Liam LoPinto
  • Screenwriters: Liam LoPinto
  • Starring: Naoto Shibata, Hassan Shahbazi, Keiko Yamashita, Hitoshi Hinomizu

Mehrdad, now an old man, recalls his encounter with an elderly Japanese woman named Chiyo at a graveyard in Tokyo near his elementary school. Through his childhood sketchbook, he reflects on the mystery of her disappearance.