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Friday Night Shorts at 3S Art Space

This short block paired fiction with documentary, drama with comedy, and the absurd with the awkward, sometimes all at the same time. Here’s a look at the eight of the films that played this evening at 3S ArtSpace.

Perfect House Guest

This animated short was a great start to the block, showcasing one of our least favorite houseguests as one of the most courteous.

Open 24 Hours

This seven minute thriller had audiences laughing out loud while on the edge of their seats. Set in a late-night convince store in the middle of nowhere, this film looks at the light hearted side of crime.

Love Comes Later

Set in a dingy motel, this follows a maid who has no working papers and no way to pay off her rent to the landlady. When she discovers she is pregnant, she gets advice from those around her on what actions to take, but her decision lies only in her hands.

The Present

In this adorable animated film, a young boy is tempted by his mother to leave the video games alone and go play outside. She brings an unusual gift home in hopes that her son can make a new friend.


This film follows the daily life of a disabled man and his attempts to reach out to the world around him. Not knowing where else to turn, he goes to his only friend to ask him one big request, even if it might cost their relationship.

Last Base

Taking the funeral adventure genre to new heights, this film tested the audience’s limits when it comes to anticipation. With breathtaking wide shots, this Norwegian short left the audience breathless.

Go Jackson Doll

In this twelve minute documentary, we meet the mother of Jackson, a young autistic boy. Through her we learn of the struggles and joys of raising an autistic child and how ice skating changed both their lives.

The Foreigner 

In the aftermath of a deadly airstrike, a foreigner is caught up in the crossfire and must convince his captors whether or not he is harmless.

All of the films left the audience on the edge of their seat, wanting more and knowing they weren’t going to get it. There was laughter, gasps, and probably a few tears (at least from your truly). There’s still so much great film to be screened this weekend—catch the full festival schedule to plan out your weekend.