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Panel: Independent Filmmaking & Community

Sometimes the best filming locations are the ones right outside your front door.

This morning, the New Hampshire Film Festival had the pleasure to host four local, distinguished guests from our community: Matt Newton, Rick Broussard, Lisa Neville, Nicholas Koloski, and Van McLeod. The hour-long Independent Filmmaking session focused on how filmmakers and community have worked together to discover unforeseen intersections and opportunities. If seized, these can turn your project into a broader, more fulfilling community experience.

As Matt pointed out, many filmmakers are working in a bubble and don’t necessarily realize the opportunities of working inside their own town, city, or state.

Lisa Neville, an independent producer, added that location managers can sometimes face a tough balance between staying loyal to their employer while at the same time having to respect every aspect of the community you’re filming in.

If you respect the community, you’ll immediately notice the benefits. Whether it’s homeowners helping to produce a rainy atmosphere by spraying the road with their hoses, neighbors bringing muffins to set, or other small acts of kindness, being kind goes a long way.

The last thing you want to do, as Van pointed out, is leave a community and have them never want a film to be created in their area again.

Miss this panel? Don’t worry! There are more this weekend.


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