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Intelligent Lives: How do we Define Intelligence?

The New Hampshire Film Festival was proud to welcome the documentary Intelligent Lives at The Music Hall Thursday afternoon.

The film was a part of New Hampshire Day as it was directed by NH’s own Dan Habib.

This heartwarming documentary follows the lives of three individuals who have intellectual disabilities and how they experience different facets of life, with a focus on their education and employment.

The film is narrated by Academy Award winning actor Chris Cooper, who adds a uniquely personal touch to the film as his son had Cerebral Palsy.

The stars of the film however are the three individuals that the film follows. The first being Naieer, a gifted painter who is getting ready to pursue a college education, Micah, a Syracuse University student that is intent on graduating from school, and Naomie, a young woman who is trying to pursue employment.

The three young men and woman in the film are an inspiration to viewers with their can-do attitudes and their relentlessness to break down preconceived notions of what being intelligent really means.

Along with the personal journeys of the these three incredible individuals, the film also delves into the history of intellectual disabilities and how they have been handled by the United States over its history.

You can catch an additional screening for the film Sunday, October 14th at the Moffatt-Ladd House located at 154 Market Street.


By Liam McNicholas