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Lobster War: The Fight Over The Worlds Richest Fishing Grounds

Just hundreds of miles away from Saturdays showing of Lobster War at the Music Hall during the New Hampshire Film Festival, just off the coast of Maine, there is an ongoing dispute regarding two hundred and seventy-seven miles of sea and what nation can lay claim to the lobster population in this area known as the Gray Zone.

Written and produced by David Abel and Andy Laud, and directed by Abel, Lobster War illuminates the vicious dispute between American and Canadian lobster fisherman and who has the write to fish in the waters surrounding the disputed Machias Seal Island. Because both nations lay claim to the island and the surrounding waters and neither nation is intent on backing down their claim the Gray Zone has become nearly analogous to a lobster fisherman’s war zone.

The claims of both nations’ fisherman are backed by their respective governments and with strong political, environmental, commercial, and personal repercussions at stake there is no end in sight for this particular feud.

With wonderful personal interviews by both American and Canadian fisherman, local officials, and natives of the area as well as an in depth look at the lobster’s journey from catch to table. this documentary does a beautiful job of encapsulating all of the issues at hand within the Machias Seal Island waters and what is personally at stake for all those involved.

Be sure to view the later showing of Lobster War on Sunday, October 14th at 12:20 p.m. and connect with Lobster War on Facebook and Twitter.

 By Ken Severance-Camo


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