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Maineland: From China to New England, A Documentary


The New Hampshire Film festival had the privilege to show Miao Wong’s documentary Maineland Friday at the Music Hall Loft.

The film follows the lives of two Chinese exchange students in rural Maine. It chronicles the two students from their interviews to apply, all the way up to their graduation from a Fryeburg High School in Maine.

The film beautifully represents two cultures and makes the students of the film feel like relatable individuals.

The film was directed by Miao Wong and produced by Wong, Violet Du Feng, and Damon G. Smith. After the screening Miao Wong was present for a quick Q&A session with the audience.

When asked how the idea for the film came about, Wong answered that she has always had the idea kicking around in her mind, “I went to Fryeburg to show another film of mine, and I looked around and saw all of these Chinese students and I asked myself, why are all these Chinese students in Maine?”

Wong was charming to the audience and it was evident that the film’s heart comes from the director as well. .

Don’t forget to check out the New Hampshire Film Festival’s website for all information regarding the rest of the weekend’s films and festivities!

By Liam McNicholas


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