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NHFF Makes MovieMaker Magazine’s ‘50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee in 2017′

We are thrilled to share that MovieMaker Magazine has named New Hampshire Film Festival one of the ’50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry in 2017′!

MovieMaker sized up thousands of festivals from around the world. They were judged on the editors’ “tried-and-tested methodology (elements we continue to look for include press opportunities, networking occasions, industry attendance, high-quality workshops and panels, strong alumni services, etc.), but with a couple of twists. For one, [MovieMaker] dug a little deeper into acceptance statistics this year, looking at how many programmed films came from submissions (as opposed to special invitation or other means).”

Here’s what they had to say about NHFF:

Accessibility is key here: both in terms of geography—all venues at NHFF are within a mile of each other—and industry, with distributors like A24, IFC Films, Magnolia Pictures and Oscilloscope Laboratories attending. The fest also holds a press party a week or two before opening night for regional outlets to get a head start on coverage (a nice touch!). Besides stellar events like the annual Insiders and Comedy panels, last year’s edition partnered with Red and G-Technology for a workshop on various types of workflows, from VR to hi-res.

Head on over to MovieMaker Magazine to check out their write-up and some of the other festivals featured!

Psst, if you didn’t already know — the 2017 NHFF submissions are open on Film Freeway and Withoutabox!

Mark your calendars – submission deadlines are:

  • Early Bird Deadline: May 15
  • Official Deadline: June 15
  • Late Entry Deadline: July 15
  • Extended Deadline: September 1

Submit your film and screenplay today to one of MovieMaker Magazine’s ’50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee in 2017’!


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