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New Hampshire Film Festival 2014 Official Selections

We are proud to announce the official selections for the 14th Annual New Hampshire Film Festival!

The four day festival, which kicks off Thursday, October 16th, will screen over one hundred films at four downtown venues in Portsmouth, New Hampshire: The Music Hall, The Music Hall Loft, The Seacoast Repertory Theatre and the Moffatt-Ladd House.

The festival is made up of two major competitions the New Hampshire Night competition held on Thursday, October 16, and the International competition held Friday, October 17 to Sunday, October 19.

*Films with an asterisk denote an NH connection.

NH Film Festival International Competition

The International competition has five major categories: Feature Narratives, Feature Documentaries, Short Narratives, Short Documentaries and Animation.

Feature Narratives

Animals directed by Collin Schiffli

Big Significant Things directed by Bryan Reisberg

Boyhood directed by Richard Linklater

Fort Tilden directed by Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers

Happy Christmas directed by Joe Swanberg

I Believe in Unicorns directed by Leah Meyerhoff

Know How directed by Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza

*Low Down directed by Jeff Preiss

Manhattan Romance directed by Tom O’Brien

Match directed by Stephen Belber

*Men Women and Children directed by Jason Reitman

Sun Belt Express directed by Evan Buxbaum

The Babadook directed by Jennifer Kent

The Infinite Man directed by Hugh Sullivan

Two Step directed by Alex R Johnson

Wild Canaries directed by Lawrence Michael Levine

Feature Documentaries

*100: Head/Heart/Feet directed by William Peters

*Angkor’s Children directed by Lauren Shaw

*Becoming Bulletproof directed by Michael Barnett

*Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart directed by Jeremiah Zagar

Divide in Concord directed by Kris Kaczor

*ETEAM directed by Katy Chevigny, Ross Kauffman

Fight Church directed by Daniel Junge, Bryan Storkel

Happy Valley directed by Amir Bar-Lev

Last Days in Vietnam directed by Rory Kennedy

Life Itself directed by Steve James

*SLINGSHOT directed by Paul Lazarus

*Take Me to the River directed by Martin Shore

The Supreme Price directed by Joanna Lipper

The Syndrome directed by Meryl Goldsmith

When the Bell Rings directed by Brad Bores

Whitey directed by Joe Berlinger

Short Narratives

216 Mois directed by Valentin Potier | Trailer

*Alatoni directed by Christopher Goudreault

Bis Gleich directed by Benjamin Wolff

Chinatown directed by Sandra Battaglini | Trailer

Contrapelo directed by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer | Trailer

Dead Hearts directed by Stephen W. Martin | Trailer

Dog Food directed by Brian Crano | Trailer

For Spacious Sky directed by Coy Middlebrook | Trailer

Gregory Go Boom directed by Janicza Bravo | Trailer

Jonathan’s Chest directed by Christopher Radcliff | Trailer

Kakara directed by Kimmo Yläkäs | Trailer

Last Patrol directed by Luke Toye

Market Hours directed by Jon Goldman | Trailer

Misterio directed by Chema García Ibarra | Trailer

More Than Two Hours directed by Ali Asgari | Trailer

On Women who Validate Themselves Through Sex directed by Pamela Wess

*One Armed Man directed by Tim Guinee | Trailer

Operation Barn Owl directed by Satsuki Okawa | Trailer

Paper Wrap Fire directed by Raymond Yeung

Peepers directed by Kenneth Lam | Trailer

Pour Retourner directed by Scooter Corkle

Remora directed by Dylan Bell | Trailer 

Sequestered directed by Lucas Spaulding | Trailer

STRANGERS directed by Eric D. Howell | Trailer

The Archivist directed by Jeremy Ball

*The Celebrant directed by Rae Dawn Chong

The Karman Line directed by Oscar Sharp

The Landing directed by Josh Tanner | Trailer

The Next Part directed by Erin Sanger | Trailer

The Perfect Woman directed by Dennis Collins Johnson

The Phone Call directed by Mat Kirkby | Trailer

*The Routine directed by Brian Groh

*They Came at Night directed by Andrew Ellis, Alexander Mallis | Trailer

Time Travel Lover directed by Bo Mirossenni

Today’s The Day directed by Daniel “Cloud” Campos

Tzniut directed by David Formentin | Trailer

Short Documentaries

Eleanor Ambos Interiors directed by Andrew Ellis | Trailer

Font Men directed by Dress Code | Trailer

*Home Sweet Home directed by Ron Wyman

INORGANICA directed by Valerie Mellon | Trailer

Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution directed by Matthew VanDyke | Trailer

One Year Leasedirected by Brian Bolster

*The Granite Stoke directed by Dylan Ladds, Ryan Scura | Trailer

*The Refugees of Shangri-la directed by Doria Bramante | Trailer

*Inside the Hideout directed by Sean Collins | Trailer

The Lion’s Mouth Opens directed by Lucy Walker

The War Photographers directed by Steven Kochones

*Think Thank Almanac directed by Sean Lucey | Trailer

Wild Harvest directed by Henry Roosevelt, Michael Parker


Husk directed by Paul Howell | Trailer

Something Important directed by NaiWei Liu | Trailer

The Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray, Aged 33 & 3/4 directed by Steve Baker

Wire Cutters directed by Jack Anderson

Nine directed by Wanichaya Phraejunya | Trailer

Hanging By A Thread directed by Catya Plate | Trailer

The Obvious Child directed by Stephen Irwin | Trailer

Sebastian directed by Vlad Marsavin

 New Hampshire Night Competition

The New Hampshire Night competition is made up of all NH Films and the NH Program. The New Hampshire Program consists of films that highlight the year’s uniquely NH productions, and up-and-coming NH filmmakers, producers, actors, and writers.  NH film criteria: subject or story about NH, significant portion of film is filmed in NH, major cast or crew from NH, director/producer/writer from NH; from NH means the person involved has spent over 1 year in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Program

*a Girl, a Cat, a Bomb directed by Laura Maxfield | Trailer

*Advent directed by John Bickerstaff | Trailer

*Arabel directed by Erin Enberg | Trailer

*Celia Thaxter’s Island Garden directed by Peter Randall | Trailer

*Empty Room directed by Tom Kochem

*[escape] directed by Dave Conte | Trailer

*For the Love of Dogs directed by Tim O’Donnell | Trailer

*FRAGARIA directed by Noah Levin, Nick Auger

*Frostbiters directed by Thurston Smith | Trailer

*Hope on the Horizon directed by Michael Fiore | Trailer

*Horoscope directed by Maya Rudolph | Trailer

*I’m Gonna Punch Sam Mackey in the Face directed by Michael Yusko

*Just Another Ski Movie directed by Jonathan Klutsch

*Losing It! directed by J. Zachary Pike

*Tan Vampires – ‘Into The West’ (Official Music Video) directed by Jeremy Collins

*Toast directed by Ryan Cultrera | Trailer

*The Armadillo directed by  Joe Ahern | Trailer

*The Clean Up directed by Jesse Allen | Trailer

*The Convict directed by Mark Battle | Trailer

*The Frontier directed by Matt Rabinowitz | Trailer

*Tycoon directed by Keper Connell

*White Mountain Music Festival directed by Gary Anderson

*Who Am I Going to Be? directed by William Rogers

*Wild New Brave directed by Oakley Anderson-Moore