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New Hampshire Film Festival Presents Chained for Life

On Friday morning 3S Artspace presented the initial showing of Aaron Schimberg’s English language debut Chained for Life at the New Hampshire Film Festival.

Depicting the making of a film within a film and showcasing the difficulties, both real and fictional, in forming a bond between a beautiful actress (Jess Weixler) and her severely physically disabled costar (Adam Pearson) Chained for Life is a must see. The connection between Pearson and Weixler, as it moves from insecurity and inexperience to acceptance, helps make this one of the most feel good pictures of 2018.

A drama with a biting sense of humor, the movie mixes satirical black humor with dramatic struggle and pushes the limits to how closely laughter arrives at derision. The film mixes well the inherent struggle of having a severe disability both in real life and behind the camera and doesn’t shy away from blending reality and fiction to create a visceral human reaction. Filled with moments that make you want to smile and wince at the same time, Chained for Life provides a unique outlook on the subject of what it means to be different and how beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places.

The film was written and directed by Schimberg and was produced by Vanessa McDonnell, Dan Schoenbrun, Daniel Patrick Carbone, Matthew Petock, and Zachary Shedd.


By Ken Severance-Camp


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