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NH Day Documentary, The Kids We Lose, Closes Day One of Festival

Thursday night, the New Hampshire film festival had the honor of showing the film The Kids We Lose, directed by Lisa Q Wolfinger, at the Portsmouth Music Hall Loft.

The film followed several stories of children with behavioral challenges, and the struggles faced by parents, educators, staff in facilities, mental health clinicians, and law enforcement professionals in trying to ensure that these kids receive the help they need. The film exposed the effects of children who were on the receiving end of punitive punishments.

The film was directed by Lisa Q Wolfinger and produced by Mika Holliday Lentz. After the screening, Lisa, Mika, and associate producer Christine Lyons, stayed after for a Q&A with the audience.

When asked about the solution to addressing this growing problem, the Q&A guest speakers all agreed that there is not one single solution or “special fix” to a child not behaving correctly in school. The important thing about making this film, Holliday Lenz stated that “it was to give these kids a voice and start the conversation” and to focus on correcting the issue before the problem erupts.

For more on this documentary, visit their website and connect with them on Twitter.

By Kalin Billert


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